A Cedar Trompe L’oeil Panel



A cedar garden trellis feature that offers the illusion of depth. Trompe L’oeil is all about drawing the eye! Have our designers create a special garden trellis for you today!

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Trompe L’oeil for the Garden “To Fool the Eye”

This Trompe L’oeil Panel is an advanced thing to create.

Made of red cedar this trompe l’oeil is a mini-masterpiece, and you can build it yourself or we can create it for you. The curved parts are small laminations using marine epoxy, and the parts are fastened using the epoxy as well.

The core supports the mirror and gets fastened to the wall so that the outer portion is spaced away from the wall. Normally the finish is applied after it is built. If built in the correct way and installed the right place, you can expect 20-30 year durability. It can last longer if the stain is maintained. These latticework gems require 6 month lead time because only certain builders are capable of producing them.

Trompe L’oeil for the Garden (Designer’s notes)

  • Proportions are a difficult aspect. This trompe l’oeil panel is designed to resemble a long walkway in order to draw the viewer into the structure visually. From a distance, the archway leads somewhere else, even though it is a flat garden trelliswork panel. The trick is for the proportions to work. The closer you get to perfection, the more convincing the illusion.
  • These panels should be made of redwood, mahogany or red cedar for durability. Woods sourced from a rainforest-like climate will always last longer.
  • Adhesives must be waterproof and durable. We use an epoxy type adhesive that penetrates into the wood. The joint is stronger than the timber supports.
  • Fasteners must be moisture tolerant. Stainless steel or hot dip galvanized or aluminum work best for this purpose. (do not use aluminum in pressure treated).
  • The mirror at the core must have a safety backing to preserve the mirror and for safety.
  • Most exterior stain is of poor quality since the day Low VOC standards were instituted.  We recommend marine coatings for best durability.

Designing Trompe L’oeil

Trompe l’oeil design is a specialty. It is best rendered on the computer with the other attached architecture rendered simultaneously.

You can mix metal and glass with wood if you like, however, the metal has to be aluminum or hot dip galvanized to avoid bleeding. Visualization is a necessary part of the process. To see some of our renderings go here!

These feature trellises can be made just about any size and are only limited by budget and imagination.  Speak to one of our designers to arrange an on-site consultation in the Toronto area.


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