A Few Cedar Fences in Ottawa


A few fence designs in Ottawa. We design unique fencing around the globe–but we do have fence and deck builders in the Ottawa area.

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Custom Cedar Fence Builders in Ottawa

Here are a few fine looking cedar fences built in Ottawa by our crews. We have been building fences in Ottawa for about a decade.  When looking for fence builders, it is important to see their work after a few years. If they know their stuff, the fence posts will be straight and the sections of fence will be level and intact. Everyone claims to be a great fence builder, but the truth is in the durability.

The Secrets to Long Lasting Cedar Fences

  1. Cedar posts will rot at ground level. For this reason, the posts should be sealed on the bottom 4′ of the posts.
  2. Rails need to be installed crown up–otherwise, the fence sections will sag.
  3. Nails are used for fencing–not screws. Screws cause fence boards to crack.
  4. Lattice panels need to be trimmed in–the dadoed rails result in the lattice falling out prematurely
  5. Fence panels should be mounted 2 or 3 inches above the ground. If not, the frost will heave the posts out of the ground.

Designing Unique Cedar Fences

Designing unique cedar fences is not rocket science. There are a few rules to follow. (See secrets above).

The fence rails need to be strong enough to carry the weight of the boards. Gates will need diagonal braces and a frame. If a gate is in the middle of a fence, not supported off the wall of the home, it will need a headpiece to carry the weight.

What makes these Fences so Different?

Using aluminum balusters rather than lattice is a nice touch. There are hundreds of materials that can be used in fences. Check out the fences gallery for more fence ideas. Laser cut aluminum panels are something we are working on for this season.

The main thing that makes our fences different are the footings. We use a 2 part footing that resists frost. Watch for our fence building book coming soon for more details.



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