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Decks with Pergola in Etobicoke Ontario


We removed a large poorly laid out deck to install this more practical layout. The old platform had no space for a table. Now, there is a grill area, room for a tub as well as a proper dining room beneath the pergola.

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A Pergola Deck in Etobicoke

These cedar decks were designed for a home in Etobicoke Ontario. Once we removed the existing decks we discovered that the foundation had exposed stone and had never been parged. Before building, we had to excavate and parge the foundation to prevent future leaks. We used epoxy anchors rather than bolts or sleeve anchors for the main connection. We are the premium Deck Company in Etobicoke. These designs were crafted by Lawrence Winterburn and our builders were Ben Haight and Brian Boyd.

We love building beautiful red cedar decks in Etobicoke.  Red Cedar is still a great material to use, however, it does involve maintenance. Using composite or PVC always doubles the budget.

Designing a Pergola Deck

The decks are surrounded by gardens so we opened up 2 sets of stairs to keep the view open. The pergola creates a more private dining area, and it is large enough for others to get by while others are seated. A privacy screen offers privacy from neighbours. The previous deck was nearly the same size, but there was no platform larger than 6′ in width– deck designs can make or break the look of the yard and always affect functionality.

We used decorator rails, solid skirting and 6×6 posts to support the pergola. The deck looks perfectly in place with its pergola from the garden area. Cascading steps lead down to the garden where you find a pond and natural looking plantings.

Etobicoke and Permits

Most deck projects in Etobicoke require permits. In order to obtain building permits, you will need to create technical drawings. Normally the deck builder will take care of that aspect of the project. If your builder does not want to, you may want to question your choice of builder. Most better builders don’t have issues obtaining permits. The permit process is not designed for them… it is designed for the lesser builders. When a contractor does not want to get permits, there is usually a good reason he wants to avoid it. The building department in Etobicoke is there to make sure that your contractor does things by the book–in a safe way!

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A cedar deck with aluminum. Etobicoke. This builder did a fine job building this deck, we did, however, make them trim the skirting boards away from the ground a couple of inches. This prevents frost from heaving the deck. High Park neighborhood.
cedar decks with pergolas
Decks with pergolas


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