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Orangeville Cedar Decks with Flair!


Second level cedar decks in Orangeville — This deck replaces an all pressure treated deck that was about 35 years old. Believe it or not, the deck was perfectly level, which meant, the footings were fine to use again!

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Second Story Red Cedar Decks in Orangeville

These second story red cedar decks in Orangeville replaced a 35-year-old deck that had become unsafe. When I sighted across this deck, however, it was pin straight. The deck was also perfectly level. Whoever had built it was an absolute professional. It was seriously one of the best-built decks I have personally ever seen. When the owner asked if we might be able to use the existing footings, I said sure. They were a nice retired couple and it was a good way to save them some money.

The existing decks were large enough and functional, so maintaining the same shape was doable. The footings were spaced well, so it was an easy build. We added one extra beam, where the original did not have one, a flashed ledger and bolted the new one into the floor structure. Back when this one was built, they could just sleeve anchor decks into the brick. The building code prohibits that method today since brick walls do not resist lateral force.

Building Red Cedar Decks

We installed full dimension architectural grade western red cedar decking, and a pressure treated frame with sealed beams. We used aluminum railings so that stain would be less of a burden. Only the deck surface will need recoating every couple of years.  We added a slab under the staircase and built more robust steps to replace the existing ones that were found to be lacking.

Red Cedar is still an excellent material to use for decks. It comes with a lower budget, but you have to factor in maintenance to the equation though. If you enjoy sanding and staining, it’s not so bad. Budgets for cedar decks are often half of that for premium composite decking.

This deck project turned out very well. Installed by our builders, Team Dario from The Deck Store.

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