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Cedar Decks Niagara Falls


We specialize in artistic decks in Niagara Falls Ontario. Here is an example of our work– a roughly 325 square foot red cedar deck with pergola, privacy screens, and traditional guard rails.

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Cedar Decks Specialist in Niagara Falls

These cedar decks with privacy screens with pergola were done by our builder Matt Holinaty in Niagara Falls. This is his spin on another deck in our portfolio, see the deck photos here. I think he improved on it–no easy task! His details on the post caps and the brace mounts have little touches that make it his own. This is a larger deck, which really makes it stand out on the block!

Design Details on Cedar Decks

This pergola on deck detail is suitable for mounting a retractable canopy once the stain is done. Traditional guard rails make the deck safe, and the cool custom privacy screens make the deck feel good even when the neighbors are having a gathering. Matt added some nice touches to the rails–a trimmed profile on the upper rail and a nice shoe molding at the base of the posts.

Framed in slate centers in the screens are nicely balanced. Our pergolas often include better detailing than our competitors. The structural knee braces keep the pergola stable in high wind and the post caps are assembled using marine epoxy to stop water from getting in. Heavy duty hardware is used to secure the braces from behind.

Technically, you don’t need two posts to support a pergola this size, but we think it adds interest. The view from the neighbor’s property is gorgeous– they may have to call us to keep up the neighborhood prestige factor!

When you want Inspired Red Cedar Decks

For inspired red cedar decks, you only have to do a little more planning. How much space do you need for your gatherings?  Can you do it with just the deck, or should a patio be worked into the design?

The best outdoor spaces include designated areas like kitchen, fire feature and dining space. Design in with enough space because you should never be squeezing furniture on a well-planned deck.

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