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An outdoor dining room with privacy and space. Looking down on a Toronto park, this perched and private dining room deck helps you feel comfortable where once you were on display.

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Builders of Cedar Decks in Toronto- A Privacy Deck on a Park


Typical deck builders in Toronto ask what size deck do you want? We are builders of cedar decks in Toronto that specialize in unique decks. This stunning deck design is the envy of its neighborhood. This kind of project doesn’t get scratched on a napkin with a carpenter’s pencil. This one was planned in meticulous detail by Lawrence Winterburn and built by talented deck builders. Pergolas integrated with decks like this one helps the deck feel more private. It gives it that “Outdoor Room” feel. Gates under the deck help make the deck functional for storage–and privacy screens mean never feeling like you are on display.

So often, deck builders build decks on the back of houses that just don’t fit. Blending the color and finishes with the home is so simple to do, yet very few builders do it. The function is the other part of designing decks that are often overlooked. Decks need to be big enough to place the furniture you want and entertain the number of people you want to attend your functions.

Cedar Decks that Last Longer

Every stick of lumber was dried, deglazed and the stain was applied to every surface before installation. Anything that was cut was also sealed with stain. It is what we call Pre-Finishing, and it makes a Red Cedar Deck truly low maintenance. We often see 3-7 year durability on the first coat of stain. Applying semi-transparent stain to the horizontal surfaces also helps keep maintenance low. If the horizontal surface is damaged–decks like this will only need a coat on the horizontals…rather than refinishing the entire deck. Recently, changes in the stain formulation have decreased durability. The only finishes that last longer than a year or two are Marine Grade Coatings.

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Specialist builders of Cedar Decks

As builders of cedar decks in Toronto, we take pride in every single deck we build. When it comes to building decks, working with cedar is becoming a lost art. If you build the deck with the boards too tight, mold grows and the deck rots out prematurely. If you use the wrong fasteners, black stains will appear “around the nails”. When you fasten too close to the edge of the board cracks develop. Being so different from PVC or Composite, it really takes a specialist to do it well!  A carpenter if you like.

When Deck Builders make Mistakes

We have been builders of cedar decks in Toronto for about 30 years. Many other builders of decks have come and gone. We have fixed their disasters and seen their work. We only wish that deck builders in Toronto were tested for competency, rather than just their logo design and business cards. At times, they are missing the most basic knowledge of woodwork. We try really hard to keep things positive around here, but as I write this I left another disaster deck. These people were sure that they had found a great deck builder 2 years ago. He was well spoken, driving a new truck, had great signs, and now he is gone. The deck…well, very shortly it will be in an 18-yard bin.

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