Cabana With Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Room in Mississauga Ontario


A pair of garden buildings, cabana with storage, change room and washroom, and an outdoor kitchen, bar and outdoor dining room with fireplace in Mississauga ON.     Let Us Design your Project         Get a Quote for Your Designs



A Cabana in Mississauga with Outdoor Kitchen

This Cabana in Mississauga is made up of 2 structures. It was designed to be connected by pergola beams which make up the roof supports in both–however, the connecting beams were cut off by the client and builder. Leaving the pergola structure in the middle of the cabanas would have changed the feel of the space, but designers can’t have everything all the time!

Here are the features. The first building has an outdoor shower, change room with frosted glass door and window and built-in benches. Around the back, it has a roll-up door for a storage room.The Outdoor Kitchen structure has a built-in grill (open air), and a dining room with a fireplace. It has a bar area with dishwasher and fridge and cabinetry. The stone patios continue over the kitchen slab for a connected feel.

Permits and Planning Permissions for Cabanas

Permits and planning in Mississauga ON are required for any cabanas with washrooms or larger than 100 sq’. In this case, the application was flagged by zoning due to size and height. During the committee of adjustment hearing, they asked us to cut down the roof height in order to get permission. Variance decisions are based on input from plan examiners and neighbors attending the hearing. Throughout the years we have found these committees to be quite reasonable to deal with. Whenever you are building permanent structures it is always best to get permits. If your project is professionally designed, permissions are usually granted. That has everything to do with the visual appeal.  They are always more likely to grant permission for something that will upgrade the neighborhood!


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Outdoor Kitchen grill open to the sky
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