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F112 Board on Board Fence Plans



Most books are deeply flawed when it comes to how to build a fence. These are instructions from actual builders that teach you new skills and how to build better than most fence companies do! This plan is for a board on board fence, 5′ or 6′ high.  Arrange a Design Consultation   Get a Quote



How to Build a Board on Board Fence to last 30 years – Plans and Instructions

Instructions for building a 5 or 6′ high board-on-board fence. These Step by Step fence instructions will help you build a good solid straight fence that will last 20 years or more. Use PT or Red Cedar lumber for best results. No fancy tools needed, hammer, nails, saw shovel etc. Our frost proof footings keep our fences straight and level for decades. These fence plans teach you the basics of fence building like where to put the nails and what type to use. We will teach you how to build faster and to a higher quality than most pro-fence builders.

What Materials will I need to build a Board-on-Board Fence?

These fence plans and fence instructions help you figure out how many materials to buy as well as what type down to fence clips and nails. How long should the posts be to resist wind? How much concrete will I need?  This bulletproof set of instructions is the actual fence instructions we used to train our fence builders for 20 years.

Fence Plans and Instructions by Builders for DIY people

When you want to know how to build a fence properly, our fence plans and instructions will help you get there. These fence plans were developed as a training tool by the best fence building company in Ontario. GardenStructure.com is known for outlandishly elaborate fences. Our company uses the same rules and principles found in this plan to create our deluxe fences. We have had only 2 warranty claims in 30 years. Our gates function long-term and posts stay straight due to the methods described in our plans and instructions.

Our fence instructions are not taken from old out of date books. We developed these fence building instructions over the first 20 years of our business.

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