Big Bay Point Tennis Court Fence and Pergola


Learn about this 15-foot tennis court fence we designed and built in Barrie. It was constructed more than 25 years ago. We build them to last.

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Tennis Court Fence with Curved Pergola

Custom tennis court fences like these involve extensive planning to achieve a structure that will be easy for maintenance as well as age gracefully. This 300′ long and up to 15′ high Western Red Cedar Fence involved a crew of 30 for 2 months and 2 tandem tractor trailers of lumber. We created 3 concepts (full size), and the client chose details from all 3 that appealed to him. This is a tennis court, so it slopes 1″ per 10′, and that slope is hidden within the sections.  When a 15′ high fence receives stress from the wind is considerable, so strength to resist these factors were built into the design. This fence has been standing near Barrie Ontario for more than 25 years.

The fence is made up of architectural trelliswork that hangs like a curtain from a structural beam. It was originally roofed, however, they ignored my standing seam request which led to leaks in the structure.

The Curved Pergola Structure

The curved pergola has drip edges to shed water, though, they deleted the standing seam roofing, so much of the structure has been affected by rot due to the shortcut. Mouldings were curved two ways for the inner and outer curves in the dressing of this pergola. The pergola is roughly 13′ in height and about 40′ long.

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Designing Large Structures

Back when we designed this structure it was all done on napkins and scraps of paper. It takes time. Months and Months in fact. 30 years ago when this was done we actually built 3 prototype tennis court fences and the client chose the elements he liked, and we rolled it all into one design.

These days–designing something like this is far easier. We can render the project in the computer full size, and tweak the details in real time. This is less costly, and, much more efficient.

If you have a client interested in something so grand, please, get in touch. We do love a challenge!

About Building This Giant Fence

Building this giant fence was a 2-month project, then, another month on the pergola with a smaller crew.  The court is sloped 1″ every 10′ for water drainage off the carpet court. That means, the roof is level, and the lower part is on a slope, and the trelliswork is 7/8″ smaller on one side than the other. Each space is the same in each section, but each spacing is slightly different depending on the precise size.

A crew of 25 milled, sanded, pre-stained and a crew of 2 or 3 ran the trim. We tried bringing in extra help from the local union hall, but they just couldn’t grasp the concept of trimming around a post that is not square. The three of us worked long days and got it done. To build the 300′ of the fence, and 45′ pergola utilized about 2 tandem truckloads of western red cedar and ground level pressure treated. Even the 20′ posts were made on site.

The column flutes were done with a giant 3 hp Porter Cable plunge router off a ladder, over my head. I think the tool weighed 25lbs. I am pretty sure during the majority of the build it rained just about every day. You would see people running to pull tarps as the rain started. I was very fortunate to be part of that crew. Projects like this tennis court fence don’t come along very often.

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