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A DIY Plan for our Arts and Crafts Pergola. As a frame for a walkway or a destination in your yard, this pergola is an inspired garden structure. With our DIY plans, you can build it yourself or have a local deck builder put it together for you!

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Designer’s Notes – The Arts and Crafts Pergola

An arts and crafts era pergola plan designed to be constructed above intersecting paths in a garden. Add planting pockets and beautiful climbing vines with flowers and berries that bloom throughout the season for best results. A fountain or mirrored found object will draw the eye to the center. This pergola design is easy to adapt to size. Make it deeper and build in a bench. We design hundreds of structures like this each year– get in touch if you would like us to conjure a design for something similar!

Arts and Crafts Pergola Plans

An Arts and Crafts pergola plan designed for a walkway or destination point. It features intricate screens and includes step by step instructions, cut and materials lists. A pergola designed for red cedar or redwood lumber. Drip edges within the screens help durability. This is not a simple project and requires a table saw ability and accurate cutting skills.

Trelliswork screens are built in to allow vines to be trained over for full shade.  This pergola plan was designed for durability and the plans help you install frost free footings. Well constructed pergolas should last upwards of 20 years.

Building the Arts and Crafts Pergola Plan

Building a pergola with our Arts and Crafts pergola plan involves some hard heavy work. The digging has to be the worst part. Consider hiring a post hole company to do that portion. Once the posts are set, level and square, a DIY carpenter should be ok. I would really be upset to hear that you pulled your back digging holes. That is blister raising hard heavy work and you can guarantee some pulled muscles after digging and setting 8 posts.

In Toronto, we have professional structure builders that can make it happen!  Get in touch to get started!

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