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Trellis Fence Ideas come in many different forms and looks. We are one of the few companies willing to design unique fences. Many landscape designers come to us for ideas and inspiration!

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Trellis Fences, Ideas For a Home Show

Our fence designers created these unique trellis fence ideas for a dream garden booth at the Spring National Home Show in Toronto.  Trellis fences like this come at a fairly big budget. We designed these trelliswork fences to be heavy on material for durability. Fences like this will take about twice the labor to achieve.

Have your gardener or landscaper train vines up the fence to create privacy in some areas. You can leave others open to show off architectural details. Different colors of foliage and even berries and blooms change the look of it throughout the seasons.

Low voltage lighting can be installed under the panels and within the 4 support posts to really make it pop during the evening! Speak to our designers to have a version of this beautiful fence installed this year!

Architectural Fences – Ideas for Unique Fences

Architectural fences should always make a statement. This one says I am serious about my gardening and I want everyone to know! Train your vines, add your lights and make this garden fence sing in your Toronto neighborhood!

Our designers dreamed up these ideas for unique fences.  Since our history was in trim carpentry, our specialist designers are known for unique ideas and details.

Our unique sensibility for fine woodwork comes from decades of creating inspired decks and fence ideas.

Where do Unique Fence Ideas come from?

Unique fence ideas can come from anywhere. Ideas can be inspired by images found online, or, historic structures around the globe. Our designers have a repertoire of details to draw ideas from that were of our own creation.

Put simply, form follows function. If a client requests private, we design a tighter trelliswork. If they would prefer open or vines to create the privacy, we loosen things up a little.

When the home is heavy on moldings and architectural flair, we include plenty of trim and moldings.

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