Architectural Pergolas


Beautiful pergola on existing patios in Toronto ON.  This pergola was designed for retractable canopies.  Designed by Lawrence Winterburn.

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Architectural Pergolas in Toronto

These architectural pergolas in Toronto were designed for a retractable canopy system. The pergola is made of douglas fir quarter sawn beams and western red cedar. It was designed to work within an existing patio footprint with minimal change to the landscaping.  The project is located just off Bayview, South of Lawrence.

What makes something “Architectural”? Does it mean that the designer of the structure happened to be an architect? Not in our opinion. We supply designs and details to Architects across the globe. It has more to do with the attention to detail in the planning process, the way it blends with the home and an innate knowledge of the materials used.

Choosing Lumber for Pergolas

When choosing lumber for pergolas, species is important. In this case, we used a combination of Red Cedar and Douglas Fir. Both species do fairly well in the elements. Douglas fir lumber will turn grey with a dark grain. Cedar will become a slightly lighter grey within a few years. The two shades will make the look interesting, and both will blend with the home. Our builders used douglas fir for the upper beams to add strength, and red cedar was used for the posts because they last well in contact with the ground. The footings are 80% screenings, so the water drains away from the post.

Aside from choosing the right lumber, you also need the right cut of lumber. If the core of the tree is present in the end grain, the timber will split all 4 sides and twist. Quartersawn materials will always be more stable. Since we were working with green lumber, the cut was even more important.

Modern Pergolas

Modern pergolas are more than just a pile of sticks in 2018. Today, modern pergolas are designed to make a statement and also include some functional brilliance. Designing in lights and retractable canopies are minimum expectation these days. They should blend with the style of the home, but also bring something else to the table. Inspired designs are all about making something attractive and functional. Designs that shine create your favorite room in your home, right in the backyard!

If you know any builders capable of doing this kind of work, please send them here!  “Our Builders Group


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