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Deck Builders Company in Caledon ON. This project had us reworking existing decks on an Architecturally designed home. Read on to see the final photos of the decks with an explanation of why we designed these decks the way we did.

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Unique Decks, Designed for an Architectural Home in Caledon ON

We designed these unique little decks for this Architecturally designed home in Caledon. As deck builders, we meet up with all kinds of homes and all kinds of clients. Generally, in an Architecturally designed home, the homeowners want to remain true to the vision of the architect–Which is Wonderful! Here is the issue–When you speak to Architects they will tell you that their job stops at the door. An Architect designs homes. Landscape architects design hardscape and plantings. Decks and Structures for the yard and garden? That’s our niche.

Our clients wanted to just replace the tiny deck at their summer home in Caledon. When I probed as to why they didn’t want a space for dining or lounging at the back of the home they really didn’t have an answer. Sometimes we get lulled into a false sense of correctness. When you live with something, like a deck for a decade or so, you believe that it is perfect for you. Only after you see other possibilities rendered can you appreciate what your decks could be. To see deck designs created by our designers, click.

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Re-designing this Architectural Home’s Deck in Caledon- Design Process

We increased the decks’ size on the left-hand side to create a sitting/dining area. Although this deck is long, 35 or so feet, it was narrow in all directions. There was nowhere to put furniture without blocking the flow of traffic. By extending the length of the deck we created a spot roughly 12 x 14 for furniture.

The original deck had a metal tube rail that did not meet code. Minimalist details are fine on decks, but we prefer to bring things up to code when we can. We also have to pay attention to expressed budgets as well.

The privacy screen, you may ask, privacy from what? The Woods? The woodland critters?  Have you ever used your Barbecue and it was so windy that the heat gets blown out of the grill faster than it is created? Let’s call this privacy screen a barbecue barrier. It is simply there as a feature, to draw the eye and slow down the wind in the grill area for both the grill and the griller.

Lastly, we ran the steps right across the front to open up the view from the home to the pool.

We think that the Architect that designed this home would be pleased with the changes we made to this Caledon home.  We build decks all across North America–  From Raleigh to Collingwood to Los Angeles.

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