Rooftop Pergola Gardens in Waterloo


Our designers created a warm, private and lush looking 4th floor garden with patio decks and pergolas! Let us Transform your Space!

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Rooftop Pergola Gardens Waterloo ON

Here is a rooftop patio garden and rooftop pergola in Waterloo ON.  The simple modern design, flawless use of space and inspired look is magical on this open balcony. Much of this project was shop built. Prefabricated parts were lifted 4 stories into place. More planning goes into a rooftop patio with pergola than many might imagine. Concept, Design, and Build were by EarthScape.

People are peering down at you from all angles, yet, this space is private! Plants, artificial turf, pergolas and lighting, and of course some inspired furnishings. Nice work on this design and build Mark Schwarz.

Designers Rooftop Patios

Designers rooftop patios with pergolas for shade and privacy can add value to any concrete patio. Our designers created beautiful low maintenance gardens on this rooftop patio. All the materials, including the rooftop pergola, had to be craned into place 4 stories up. The planning was the most important part of the design. The pergola was prefabricated and went together quickly. The deck was also prefabricated for ease of installation. The plantings were chosen for ease of maintenance and drip lines were installed as well. Drip lines water the plants for you. This was the perfect place to install artificial turf–no need to water that either! These days, the artificial grass looks better than real grass.

Rooftop Patio Builders

Our rooftop patio builders have a knack for planning magazine quality spaces. Planning rooftop patios often involves gaining approvals from condominium boards. For this reason, our designers often create 3D Designs. Rendering the project in 3D helps the clients, as well as others, deeming suitability to assess the look.  Of course, the clients have to love the design too! Shade structures have to be approved by the city planners. When you are placing structures on roofs, for the safety of the public, they need to be scrutinized. Everything has to play well with the look of the building to get permission. When planning a rooftop patio like this please allow an extra 6 months to gain all permissions prior to the build.

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