A Make a Wish Deck Design in Barrie


Lucas’ Deck design was a special project. The family had bought this house in Innisfil, south of Barrie, and had never been able to replace the old rotting deck at the back of the house. It was heavily built, but badly built, not level, and the boards were splintering. We used Hercules Classic, the smoothest decking we could find, and did the rest in a Cedar/Pressure Treated Mix, that can be stained to look similar to the photo rendering.  The Deck Store did the build and at the time of this edit we don’t have photos–they are coming soon though!

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Lucas Wish Deck in Barrie. “I want a smooth deck that won’t hurt my legs so I can play outside!”

Well master Lucas, we have designed a deck for you with nice smooth decking, that will also give you a bit of shade while you are out there.

There are 2 renderings because we had to downsize the intitial footprint a little to meet budget, but it comes with privacy screens and a pergola, and aluminum baluster rails. We designed the deck to fit the footprint of the previous garden, so mom can just put in some plantings around part of it. We donated the 3D Photorealistic designs for this project just to make the experience that much more magical for the family.

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