A Cedar Trompe L’oeil Panel



A trompe l’oeil panel that mimics a 3d walkway. A mirror in the center adds to the illusion. It is roughly 5′ high and 3.5′ wide. These panels make the ideal focal point to draw the eye. If you are planning a unique trelliswork panel, get in touch today!

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This Trompe L’oeil Panel is an advanced thing to create. Made of red cedar this trompe l’oeil is a mini masterpiece, and you can build it yourself or we can create it for you. The curved parts are small laminations using marine epoxy, and the parts are fastened using the epoxy as well. The core supports the mirror and gets fastened to the wall so that the outer portion is spaced away from the wall. Normally the finish is applied after it is built. If built in the correct way and installed the right place, you can expect 20-30 year durability. Longer if stain is maintained. These latticework gems require 6 month lead time, because only certain builders are capable of producing them.

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