25 year old Garden Trellis


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An Old Garden Trellis – 25 Years Old

The owners of this Midhurst Ontario home have kept this garden trellis fence stained for 25 years and said they replaced a couple of parts, but all in all, it has held up!

We love to drop in on old customers to say hi and see how things have aged. That is the best way to learn from our mistakes. There are quite a few of our projects between 25 and 30 years old now, and we know far more about durability than we did back then.

It is cute and folksy, and not exactly what we do these days, but hey, some people love it, so it must be good. It is from our past and it’s how we grew to be what we are today.

Trellis Fences as a Backdrop for a Garden

A trellis fence like this may look odd as a subdivision fence, but this was never the purpose. It was designed on a budget as a whimsical backdrop to a front garden.

Without the trellis fence as a contrast to the forested lot beyond, the garden would blend into the forest. With the backdrop it makes the garden plantings pop.

Creating your own Unique Trellis Fence

Designing your own unique trellis fence is not rocket science. You need to know the basics of fence building, and here at Gardenstructure, we have our own rules for the basics.

  • Footings should be 3-4′ deep
  • Concrete should only fill the bottom half of the hole
  • A trellis fence needs adequate support–a frame to keep it straight
  • Backfill around the posts with crushed stone.
  • Seal all the parts during installation (end grains are crucial)

There are numerous looks you can achieve in designing your unique trellis fence, but the basic rules must be followed!

Have us Design your Unique Garden Trellis Fence!

This one is a little quirky and whimsical, but we design much more modern structures these days. When you are ready for something that suits your style, get in touch with the professional garden trellis designers using the get a quote form!


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