18 Unique Gate Designs


When you absolutely need a beautiful gate, you know where to come!  We have been designing and building gates in the Toronto area for 3 decades now, check out some of our most unique gates!

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Unique Gate Designs by Gardenstructure

All these unique gate designs came about when a client asked for something special as an entrance to their backyard. Building the same thing over and over is monotonous. I guess we get bored easily. We design gates, as well as build, so it’s our thing!

Unique gate designs are a fine accent to any landscape design project. It’s your chance to attract attention and impart some much-needed design points to your average suburban home. Now, have I mentioned that gates are one of the most difficult things to get right in the carpentry trade? Gates, stairs, rails– those are the most challenging aspects of the trade. Additionally, they are exposed to moisture forever, and that they will rot over time it makes it extra challenging to do right. Only our top builders will take them on. They all need to be designed by our top designers. Give us plenty of lead time if you want something beautiful that will last. These are all designed for your budget. A nice set of gates will range between $2,000 – $10,000.

Gates can contain a wood trellis accent, metal accents or even glass. Creativity is only limited by you and the taste of your clients!

Rules for Designing Gates:

  1. Gates need substantial posts or a headpiece above to carry the weight.
  2. All gates need a diagonal brace of some kind.
  3. Gates need space to allow for the swing.
  4. Long lasting gates need heavy duty hardware
  5. In frost prone areas, gates will need 2-3″ of space below to allow for frost heave.

What makes a Gates Attractive

As with anything in Architecture, gates are attractive when they draw the eye and fit the scene. That might be a little deceptive. By Scene, I mean, it looks correct where you put it. It has to blend with the style of building and the rest of the landscape. It should be in proportion to a given space. Are the wooden gates inspired? If you come back 10 years from now and the gates still work, and they still look good in the space, and they are not dated looking, they might just be inspired.

Watch for our Fence Building Book coming out soon– It will share all the secrets to building gates well!

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