pool house and cabana builders in Richmond Hill

In Search of Quality — 2015 a very good year!


It’s not easy being Quality Builders in Toronto!

This has been a challenging season. The busiest in 6 years and we have had opportunities to create some elaborate and stunning master works this year. I am proud to see the quality and finishing by our brilliant builders and crews. We are grateful for the opportunity to make it happen for our clients. I can draw beautiful things, but without our builders bringing the talent and fortitude to bring them to completion at the level of quality we want, paired with clients that believe, none of this could happen.

I find myself explaining why we are not the cheapest builders in the Toronto market, and I have been doing it all wrong.

“A BMW or Mercedes is not ever going to be cheaper than a Skoda, and even some of the work we see on TV is Skoda quality”. How would you put together the most talented craftsmen, trained by masters, with the best materials and stunning designs and expect it to be the same price as a kerf cutting rookie builder that started in business 3 years ago?

Anyhow, let’s showcase a couple of projects from this year–these projects were not quite finished when I took these shots, but I think you will get the idea of where they were going. I’ll have to get back to photograph properly next spring.

cabana pavilion pool house in Toronto
A luxury pool house in Toronto Ontario

This is a cabana we designed this spring, featuring engineered slab, kitchen, den, dining room with pergola and a built-in grill. Just getting a pool house like this out of the ground is a task by the time you work through the permit process, engineering and then line up the specialist builders.

The stone is the real deal, and there are plenty of architectural details to make any designer happy. The kitchen/bar features automatic roll-up windows and integral lighting. This is a stunning project–stay tuned for the finals next spring!

Mahogany Decking is making a comeback in Ontario!

The good news is that we can get Mahogany decking again! There is nothing quite like the look of real Mahogany. It is a dream to work with and when pre-finished it is bulletproof durable. Remember, most wooden boats were made of Mahogany.

Builders of Hardwood Decks in Ontario
A stunning Hardwood deck in Niagara near Toronto Ontario
We were limited to 380 square footprints on this one, and facing a golf course path the good side had to face forward–as usual, our decks look good from all angles. This unique layout offers gracious stairs and a large den-like area with a side bump for a grill.
Hardwood Deck Builders in Toronto and Niagara
A Mahogany Hardwood deck near Toronto – Niagara Ontario


Matt Holinaty was the builder on this one. He tapered the decking and countersunk the end screws then used epoxy and tapered plugs to make it clean. This is fanatical attention to detail.

We have a few more gorgeous projects to show you from this year so subscribe to see them when they are up!


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