Garden Structures, DIY pergola plans, arbor plans, fence instructions and privacy screen plans.

Pergola Plans and Designs

Pergola plans and Pergola designs for professional builders and DIY weekend builders. We are builders that happen to design pergolas better than Landscape Architects. These are our stock plans that will walk you through building pergolas in the DIY versions. The professional plans will give you all the information that professional builders will need for stellar results. There are plenty of free online pergola plans, however, most are not worth the paper they are written on. Wasting materials building something that may blow over in the wind is not a good investment.

Pergola with bench plans
P121 DIY Pergola Plan

Use plans developed by specialist builders for the best results. We shared a few of our pergola plans with Canadian Home Workshop and The Western Red Cedar Association. We even had a few pergola plans stolen by a big lumber company, but when we noticed, their lawyer advised them to stop. These pergola plans have been tested and critiqued by builders around the globe.  When you want to build a pergola out of cheap materials to last a season or two, there are plenty of free pergola plans out there.  When you want something truly inspired– Use pergola plans from You can see our full Gallery of Pergolas here.

Fence Building Instructions and Plans

Our fence building instructions and plans started out as a training tool for our builders in the Toronto area. The designer was actually building fences in suburbia, and as an edge on the competition, he wanted to design more unique fences. Rather than a race to the bottom, skimping on material, he was able to charge a little more and stay profitable. These fence building instructions were developed to build fences as if it was an assembly line.

wood fence company - DIY fence plans and instructions with gate details and unique hand made lattice
wood fence company – DIY fence plans and instructions with gate details and unique handmade lattice

Saving steps means saving money and time. If you read these fence plans right through, you will know more than most professional fence builders. Further, our frost proof footings make our fences last longer in northern climates where frost is an issue. When you want to learn all about fences, you use fence plans from Find our Gallery of Fences here.

DIY Arbor Plans and Designs DIY arbor plans are not for everyone. Our designs are different. To create arbor plans that result in arbors that last 20 years or more means a project that will take longer to build. They will take more materials, and better materials, and that is an investment. Lots of free DIY garden arbor plans will give you an arbor that will last a couple of years. The free plans just don’t teach you what we do about building arbors. We will teach you about frost proof footings and how to choose posts that will not crack. It is not enough to tell you how–we want to show you why. That is how you learn most effectively. Without understanding why you are doing things, you can never learn the secrets of the building.

garden arbor plans
Arts and Crafts Garden Arbor Plans

These are advanced garden arbor plans, and if you just want to do cheap arbors, do not download these arbor plans. See more Arbours and Trellises for the garden here.

Privacy Screen Plans and Details

These privacy screen plans and details will help you create an inspired trelliswork fence in your yard. When you set the posts for your privacy screen it is nearly impossible to place them exactly where you want them. These privacy screen plans will help you do custom spacing on your vertical lattice so that every section appears perfect. Step by step instructions is included in the DIY privacy screen plans. PRO designated plans are simply the details. Most are released for builders and designers.

modern privacy screen in red cedar
A modern privacy screen – all wood. Plans and Designs

Why should they reinvent the same wheel we did?  As with all of our plans, these privacy screen plans come with free support while you build by email.

DIY Plans and Designs –  Designer’s Notes

Traditionally DIY plans were designed by amateur woodworkers. When stores discovered our products they were shocked that these plans were created by actual professional builders. Because we build, and we developed these details they will actually teach you skills. Nowadays, we are busy updating the original DIY plans from 2D format to 3D photorealism.  To get on our mailing list or request a DIY plan, drop us a line at [email protected]

Our DIY Woodworking Plans Guarantee

After purchasing our DIY Woodworking Plans, we offer free support by email as you build with our DIY plans. If there are any questions, we will answer them by email and we may include sketches in our answers. This is how we make our DIY plans better. We did not copy someone else’s DIY plans to create these. We wanted to rethink how these plans are done. DIY plans have always been crude at best. We want the most detailed and informative DIY Woodworking plans in the world. Every time someone asks a question, that question is placed in a file and when we update them, all those issues are addressed for clarity.

Here is a special offer.

If you send us a photo of any project you built with our DIY plans and fill out a Google Review online we will give you 2 free project plans or $100 off a custom design from Feel free to send a selfie as well and we may show you and your DIY plan build off on the website!

Play safe everyone– Read those power tool instructions! (Take it from a guy without a thumb!)