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Ideas for Cabanas, Pool Houses, and Outdoor Kitchens

Welcome to our gallery of ideas for Cabanas, pool houses, and outdoor kitchens. You will be inspired by chef’s kitchens, buildings with walls and without, and more typical cabanas. Our cabanas range from ordinary to spectacular. Will you choose to build something modest or a one of a kind building that has your guests wanting to stay longer? We commonly hear from our cabana and pool house clients is, “Our guests won’t leave!”. When you create a well-designed Cabana you end up staring at them about midnight… wondering if they will go home! Spectacular designs on a massive scale are nice–but even if your tastes and budget are more modest, we can help you.  Arrange a consultation today!

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Designing Outdoor Buildings is a Specialty Field

Designing Cabanas, Pool Houses, and Outdoor Kitchens involves a specialist designer. Functionality is important, but it has to work in your yard with your home. A cabana is a miniature house that serves a function in the backyard. Will it be a change room, kitchen, bar, or change room perhaps? When unique ideas for cabanas and outdoor kitchens are important, we can help. A kitchen, stand up bar, a den with a fireplace or just a large roofed area–just let our cabana designers know and we will do our best to help you make it happen!

What is the difference between a Cabana and a Pavilion?

We refer to a large roofed area as a pavilion. Building large structures like cabanas or pavilions require permits and zoning permissions. Our knowledgeable designers will guide you through the process. We often combine pavilions and cabanas, or pavilions and pergolas for a unique outdoor structure.

Designing Functional Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens should be considered just as an indoor kitchen is, however, they have to be weather suitable. The cabinetry needs to be sealed and made of a material that will resist moisture. An inspired outdoor kitchen should blend with the style of the home. In northern climates, the plumbing needs to be able to be winterized and the fridge needs to be designed to deal with temperature fluctuations.

What features to include depends on your lifestyle. Something I hear goes like this, ” We never had a fridge outside before, so maybe we don’t need it”.  This is a bit misguided. You didn’t have an outdoor kitchen before–just a propane grill. Some clients have 2 fridges– one for drinks and one for prepared food and salads ready to go on the grill! An outdoor kitchen needs a fridge–and really should have a sink to wash your hands after handling meats.

Our outdoor kitchen designers service Toronto and the GTA as well as Niagara, Muskoka, and Ottawa.  See our renderings area for more inspiration.

Your Cabana and Outdoor Kitchen Design Specialists!

Let us design a spectacular cabana, outdoor kitchen, pavilion or pool house for you. We can take you from concepts to completion. Outdoor structures are outside the specialty of most architects and landscape designers, therefore you need a specialist designer. Designing outdoor structures are a specialty not taught by any college course, experts are required. We are one of a few companies that excel in the conceptualization, building and permitting of these deluxe Cabanas and Pool Houses and Kitchens.

Pool Houses – A Pool Cabana on a Grand Scale!

Pool houses are similar to a regular house as in they typically share an architectural style with the home. They also have plumbing, electrical and fixtures like any house. Pool houses are the epitome of luxury, as in it is a self-sufficient home in your backyard. They typically have a kitchen, den, dining room and house the pool equipment or hide it from view.

When it comes to pool houses, you can let your imagination run wild!  Let’s include a sauna, a secret garden behind, a fireplace and ceiling fan. Let’s make an open room with glass walls that open for the summer months. How about a home theatre?  Anything you can imagine can be designed into your pool house. Let’s include heaters so that you can extend the use of your pool house into early spring and late fall.

It is all about efficiency when it comes to a cabana or pool house. Why should people have to trudge through your home with wet feet to a change room?  Lets put a nice change room and even a shower in the pool house. Some people even have a bedroom or two in there for guests in the summer!

Designing Large Pool Cabanas and Pool Houses

Since large pool cabanas and pool houses are basically small homes, you need full construction drawings. We are not just deck builders–We came from the Construction Business! The home you live in was likely designed by an architect. You can go to an architect for a pool house design, but that might be outside his/her wheelhouse. A landscape designer or landscape architect might be able to help you, but it might take a while and the design might not be quite what you were thinking.

We design plenty of pool houses and we render them in 3D photorealism. You will see a big difference in our designs. We have been told they do contain “Wow Factor”.

Many of the larger pool companies in the GTA Toronto area are showing off our pool house and cabana designs to their customers.

It all starts with a design consultation. Let’s sit down and talk about what you want your cabana or pool house design will include… and get to work!