3D Designs and Renderings of Decks, Fences, Pergolas, and Cabanas

Our 3D Designs and Renderings enable you to envision precisely what your decks, architectural fencing, pergolas, cabanas or pool houses will look like after they are built. Early on we saw frustrations making changes during the build. Clients get upset with upcharges, and the contractor has to delay other jobs. These 3D designs range from $1500-10,000 to produce, which is normally a small investment to avoid changes. Changes often range from $2000-20,000 during the project and delays rarely make our customers happy. Rendering decks, pergolas or cabanas before the build only makes sense.

Our 3D Deck Designs

Creating 3D deck designs are the only real way to envision any deck attached to your house. Typically we render a number of views including views from within the home. As you look through the gallery of 3D deck designs you will find numerous images…scroll through them and you will be able to get a sense of the entire project. A basic deck can be sketched on graph paper–but a more elaborate deck should be rendered in 3D to envision the deck designs fully. Our 3D deck designs generally range between $1500-$5000 depending on the complexity of the build. Keep in mind that as builders, we are crafting the structure as it will be built right in the 3D deck designs. We often feed details and specifications to the engineer.

3D Fence Designs – Architectural Fencing Rendering

When we create 3D Fence Designs we make it possible to critique any fence in any color or finish.  When it comes to architectural fencing renderings it is a matter of real vs lines on a page. Most Architects can picture a line drawing in 3D — right in their heads! Among clients that will have to look at that feature day after day, that ability to visualize is very uncommon. Wouldn’t it be better to see how the light and shadows play? Which parts are transparent and which are solid parts? Trellis fences and decorative fence panels should all be modeled in 3D Renderings. What will this fence or architectural screen look like with plants and the existing view? 3D fence designs will help you make an informed decision.  Our 3D fence designs range from $500-$3000 depending on the number of concepts and complexity.

Renderings of Pergolas in 3D Designs

We produce renderings of pergolas in 3D out of confidence in our designs.  For years we would render our pergolas in 2D line drawings–and our clients would have to trust us that it would look great. In some ways, as the pergola comes to life it is sort of like unwrapping a present. These days everyone wants instant gratification. Why wait– let’s see how our pergola will look in our yard! Let’s do it right now! Within a week or two we can create renderings of pergolas for you. 3D Designs are now within reach. Pergolas typically range from $500-$3000 depending.

Pool House Designs in 3D – Cabana Renderings

Pool Houses and Cabanas can also be rendered in 3D. Our 3D cabanas can show you the look, the finishes and what types of furniture will look best and fit within a given layout. Producing 3D pool house designs is a process. We start with a layout or 3, then proceed to renderings.  No more guesswork… you will see your own home in the background along with your neighbor’s yards as well. If an outdoor kitchen or washroom is to be included, those can also be visualized. Let us design your Cabana and Pool House designs in 3D and take the guesswork out of your outdoor structures! Cabana Renderings and Pool House designs in 3D vary due to complexity–with concepts, layouts, and designs with multiple views, they will range from $3000-$8000

DIY Deck Designs – With our Help

When you want to do DIY deck designs, but you need help we are available to help you envision what you design. Just send photos of your home along with the layouts, we will chat with you about what you want to achieve. With your blessing, we will take your DIY deck designs, tighten things up and give you something based on your deck design ideas that will knock your socks off! If you just want to build yourself, send us the photos, a wish list and a budget range and we will handle the whole deck designs process. Layouts, 3D deck designs, and permit drawings. A small investment for peace of mind. We will give you the bonus of professional deck designs!

Professional 3D Deck Designs at a Distance

We can supply you with professional 3D Deck Designs at a distance, wherever you live. 3D Deck Designs that include numerous views, layouts and even permit ready drawings. (Note, permit drawings will require a local Engineers Stamp in some areas).

Just send us images in each direction, a rough sketch with dimensions, (we will prompt you for any others we will need), the surveyor layout plan for your lot and your wish list. We will do the rest!  Let’s do Professional 3D deck designs for you soon!

To see some of the decks we have designed (click)