Barrie Deck Builders

Barrie Deck Builders

Barrie Deck Builders is your source for quality decks, pergolas and decorative fences. 

The Quality you want from a Deck Company

We are a deck and outdoor structure design company first, and a deck company second.  We believe that in order to create beautiful and long lasting decks the design has to be inspired, and the details need to be long lasting. You can learn more about decks in our knowledge base. Click learn above. 

We design in clear scaled drawings and often drop the furniture into the layouts so that you can be sure that both you and your furniture will fit on what we design. 

Most decks are designed to last only 10 years or so. When modern deck materials last much longer that seems like a bit of a waste to us. Our frames and stairs are designed a little differently in order to achieve a 30-40 year useful lifetime. We can also use steel or aluminum, or a waterproof membrane in order to extend that useful lifetime further. 

Hiring a Deck Builder in Barrie

In the Barrie area, deck builders are a fairly common profession… however what they produce can range from pallet like, to furniture. Here’s a hint. The better builders are going to charge for designs and will never be the lowest price. With the majority of builders advertising in Kijiji, or buying adwords, starting a deck business is an inexpensive thing. 

Anybody can build a deck right? 

There are decks built by experienced builders with a background in carpentry, and there are those built by self taught handymen that never actually worked with a professional carpenter before. Watch our blog for examples. We often showcase the worst offenders. When you see a deck that isn’t flat, or looks askew, or the boards are pushing the trim off– that’s a lack of training.  When you wiggle the rail and it seems loose, you may want to seek out a better builder. 

Design makes the difference

We do 2D or 3D drawings when we design a deck for you in Barrie. Our design office is located in Elmvale, just north of Barrie. 

Our 3D drawings are more like looking at a photo of the finished product. 

Sample 3D Rendering of a deck design

When the design of your deck, or pergola, or any structure in your yard like a cabana really matters, please get in touch!

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