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When it comes to deck builders in Oakville and Mississauga your experience will vary.  We are one of those deck builders, however, we are also professional designers. We want to help you determine which builders know the secrets to building high quality and long lasting decks. We do this by teaching you the finer points to building decks–so that you can ask the “Right” questions of the deck builders you speak to.

See some of our work in Mississauga and Oakville:

Long Lasting Deck Builders in Mississauga (Secrets)

Did you know that most deck builders, not being actual carpenters, really don’t know how to build a deck that is level and square? When we showed partnered with one of the largest companies in North America, we found that their crews could not build a flat deck. 

About 80% of deck companies are building deck frames that can be expected to last about 10-15 years. These are actually built to code. Code was developed for homes, which have a roof. That worked fine with previous incarnations of pressure treated lumber, but the newest eco friendly version just doesn’t last as long. We are seeing 5 year old decks with rotten main beams of late. 

Stairs are a weakpoint in most decks. The new  materials require roughly an 8-10″ o.c. spacing between supports. This is far beyond code– but when you cut stringers for stairs you open up the untreated grain. If that grain is not sealed effectively, the stair structure will only last a few years. 

There are many other ways that decks fail prematurely in Mississauga, and we are happy to fill you in if you are interested. 

Oakville’s Best Deck Company

We know most of the other deck builders in Oakville, and we can with certainty say that we are simply the best deck company in town. Don’t be fooled by shiny showrooms– do you really want to pay their bills?  

The lowest cost subcontractors, huge overhead and managers that have no actual deck building experience are simply not upto the task. Companies like “The Deck Store” and “Hickory Dickory Decks” are at best, the equivilent of tract builders. Every project they build has to be fixed. 

Wouldn’t you rather deal with a prideful builder that builds one deck at a time? Besides, we believe that those big builder’s days are numbered. People are getting wise to those high pressure sales shell games.

Cheap Chinese Decking at a Premium Price

The new trend among deck builders is to be everything to everybody. They are builders, retailers and even the decking company. They import rails and decking direct from China, and sell everything at a premium price. People are getting wise thankfully. 

Any product needs testing, and engineering so ask for that information. Since these products have no CCMC approvals for Canada, they use the CCMC from other products like AZEK. If the building department clues in during the build, you may have to replace all your decking. 

Since all the materials are imported by the company, and they are technically the manufacturer as well, the warranty is entirely at their discretion. 

If they deny your warranty through the installation wing–they will deny your warranty from the manufacturer as well. 

The other trend is importing lumber from China. There are currently 3 Cedar deckings sold in Canada. Eastern White Cedar, Western Red Cedar and Chinese Cedar. Eastern White Cedar lasts 5 or 10 years outdoors and is not as strong as Western Red Cedar.  Western Red Cedar lasts 15-30 years outdoors, longer if well detailed. 

CHINESE CEDAR is actually a type of Fir. They dip it in stain to make it look just like Western Red Cedar, and within a year or so it turns black. I am not sure how long it will last, but my bet is that it will rot in less than 10 years. To be candid, I have a hard time telling it from the real red cedar– you as a homeowner will not be able to tell, until it ages. 

Deck Designers in Oakville

Deck design is a specialized profession. We do plenty of designs in the Oakville and Mississauga Areas. It is one of our favorite areas because people here have good taste! 

Pretty pictures are often not good design. Our deck designers have 30 years experience creating decks with function and looks. We rarely do trendy–since what we build will be there for 30-40 years. We want what we build to look good 30 years from now and age gracefully. 

If you want unique and inspired deck designs, we are your source in Oakville and Mississauga.

Outdoor Deck Designers Oakville Mississauga