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Malibu pergola company in Los Angeles - Pergola Plans and Design

A Malibu Pergola


Let us create your pergolas and decks in Malibu and Los Angeles! We can design, or just build. Don’t settle, have us do something extraordinary that will last decades. Arrange a Design Consultation                                Get a Quote…(Read More)

T005 Trelliswork Pergola built in Tampa Florida

Create a classical Tampa pergola like this using our detailed plans, or have our local builder fabricate it and install it for you! This is a professional level plan. Handy or DIY Builders may have issues building a large structure with fine details like this. Arrange a Design Consultation              …(Read More)

Mississauga pavilion company

This combination Pergola and Pavilion house a hot tub and sofa set in Mississauga On.  Shadows cast through trees and cascade over the entire area– kudos to our builders as well as the landscape lighting crew. Thank you for your talented photography, Paul Lapointe. Arrange a Design Consultation                …(Read More)

pergola plans with bench seating

Bring on the Cushions and drinks!  Here is a nook pergola with built in bench. It is based on our T005 Pro Pergola Plan, but it is designed to be a private conversation area in a suburban yard. This was a one of a kind plan created for a client a few years ago. The…(Read More)

Twin Retractable Canopies in cool custom pergolas

A Retractable Canopy Pergola! Shade, privacy, shelter from the rain, this pergola system with cool custom privacy fence design does it all. Being a retractable canopy, it changes the pergola from roof to open, but still maintains style in both settings! Arrange a Design Consultation                      …(Read More)

Deck in North York Ontario with patio and pergola

When a yard has 2 entrances a couple of feet off the ground it is always good to connect the decks visually. Here the pergola connects to the house and continues from one deck to the other. A circular patio connects the two also and bench boulders add interest. Arrange a Design Consultation      …(Read More)

A deck design with ellipse arbor for roses

A stunningly beautiful deck in Caledon nestled within 4 manicured acres. Colours and details of this deck match the front porch of the home and offer vine support everywhere–let the roses grow! Arrange a Design Consultation                                Get a Quote…(Read More)