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Design Paradox

You are a Designer You have designed things with critical acclaim and mass appeal with the pallet of tools at your disposal. As a designer you are good at what you do! What do you do when the client’s wishes don’t jive with what you know is best? In a perfect world, they…(Read More)

carpenter working- glass rails

The Value of Tradespeople–A Moving Target What are trades worth? The worth of tradespeople is not top of mind. We think about it the moment we need something done. We quickly jump to “how much will I have to spend–and how can I minimize it”.  This need to minimize what we pay is…(Read More)

decks landscape designs plans

Planning to Build Something this Spring? How long will my landscape project take? If you haven’t already started planning, you are very late indeed! Complete Landscapes with pools, patios, and decks; Complete landscapes take weeks to plan and most companies are booked months in advance. Pool builders and stone masons are known to book…(Read More)

A Pergola design with 6 posts, adaptable height, 10′ high in the images. Simple structure and achievable by DIY Builders. Arrange a Design Consultation                                Get a Quote…(Read More)

how to build trelliswork or not

A Beautiful Trelliswork Fail – What not to do! How not to design a trelliswork privacy screen. This trellis is intriguing, artistic and looks to be a fine addition to the home. Trouble is, I was the designer on this project and unknown to me this “Contractor” talked the client out of what I had…(Read More)

Giant Flag is to landscapers what lego is to kids! Just giant building blocks to let their creativity loose on. Let us work our endless ideas flow through your property! Get in touch with one of our designers today! Arrange a Design Consultation                          …(Read More)

retractable canopy pergola rendering in 3d

For a 1930’s estate home in the Rosedale neighbourhood in downtown Toronto, we were tasked with coming up with a pergola that fit the space, offered privacy and shade in the sofa area. Have a peek at what we came up with!  We also did a very unique trelliswork feature for the garden. This…(Read More)

pergola builders in Waterloo Ontario - Custom pergolas

A slightly curved deck with a rectangular frame pergola and a curved pergola roof. Such a simple concept, but such a gorgeous structure when the lights are cast and it comes to life. Speak to us about creating a magical pergola and landscape at your Kitchener home or business. Arrange a Design Consultation      …(Read More)

Pergolas for interlock patios bearing on retaining walls

A Pergola designed atop a Unilock stacked wall, (glued together). This very substantial and rigid pergola will stay put for decades even though the wall was not designed to support a pergola. This pergola would sit directly on a patio without fastening and would not move. When you have a complex or challenging pergola project…(Read More)

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