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pergola with privacy screens Markham

Sometimes it is frustrating. I worked for more than 20 different contractors before starting my business. I took a course on carpentry framing and read books on Japanese temple building and hundreds of magazines like Fine Homebuilding. For a couple of years, I quit drinking since my cuts were more accurate the day after. Sometimes…(Read More)

carpenter working- glass rails

The Value of Tradespeople–A Moving Target What are trades worth? The worth of tradespeople is not top of mind. We think about it the moment we need something done. We quickly jump to “how much will I have to spend–and how can I minimize it”.  This need to minimize what we pay is…(Read More)

Poor quality pressure treated

When a contractor is complaining about poor quality pressure treated wood that they are forced to use for framing, there may be something else going on.  Every time I work with a builder there are 2 things I check. Firstly, I check their levels to make sure they are accurate. We’ll go through how…(Read More)

decks landscape designs plans

Planning to Build Something this Spring? How long will my landscape project take? If you haven’t already started planning, you are very late indeed! Complete Landscapes with pools, patios, and decks; Complete landscapes take weeks to plan and most companies are booked months in advance. Pool builders and stone masons are known to book…(Read More)

pool house and cabana builders in Richmond Hill

This has been a challenging season being the busiest in 6 years and we have had opportunities to create some elaborate and stunning master works this year. I am proud to see the quality and finishing by our brilliant crews, and grateful for the opportunity to make it happen for our fabulous clients…(Read More)

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