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Wasaga Beach, where do you go to have beautiful decks built? To say that most decks around Wasaga Beach are a little basic is an understatement. Most look like a flashback to 1988. I will let you in on a secret. Many of the magazine quality decks built in Southern Ontario were designed by somebody living at The Beach. That’s right, GardenStructure.com design decks and cabanas for many of the largest deck companies in Ontario… from our base just outside Wasaga.

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builders of wooden decks with glass guard rails
A large wood deck with glass guard rails

When you want unique privacy screens and frameless glass railings, we are your best choice in Wasaga.

builders of decks in Wasaga
PVC decking with aluminum guard rails and a roofed area

We are low maintenance decking experts. Lets us design a gorgeous PVC or Composite deck for your home! Never stain again!

low maintenance composite decks builder
Builders of low maintenance decks in Wasaga Beach

It sure looks like wood, but no, it is just modern decking made of PVC.

decks with roofs wasaga
A deck with a roof in Wasaga

Arcadia Roof, Solana Laser cut privacy screens, PVC decking, and Aluminum guard rails. This is a truly modern deck!

louvered roof pergolas
Arcadia Roof decks in Wasaga Ontario – louvered roof for protection from rain and the sun.

The deck is finished….all ready for the landscapers!

glass for the view privacy for the neighbor
Cedar decks with glass Wasaga Beach

A simple cedar deck with glass guard rails in Wasaga ON.

Traditional cedar deck builders Wasaga
Bluewater (Wasaga), cascading stairs on a very large cedar deck.

When it comes to large decks, call Gardenstructure.com. We know how to make decks that last longer!

Designs in 2d for a large deck
Alternate version of 2d Deck Design

When we design decks, it is easy to picture what we are suggesting!

decks with glass guard rails
Cedar decks with glass guard rails in Wasaga Beach

Capture your best Wasaga views with a professionally designed deck this summer!

Wasaga wood deck with Aluminum railings
A red cedar deck with Aluminum guard rails can be much easier on maintenance than an all wood deck.