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Our cedar and composite deck builders in Ottawa will tell you that they know more than anyone else about cedar decks, patios and pressure treated decks. The proof is in the history of each deck contractor. We can show you decks, fences, and pergolas that have aged gracefully for decades. It is not enough to make claims–you have to prove your mettle as a fence and deck builder. That involves visiting what you built a decade ago to make sure your claims are solid. When you are truly confident in your work, offering a 5-year warranty to back your claims just makes sense.

We design beautiful fences and decks and our customers love our artistic masterpieces! When you want white cedar or red cedar with features like custom railings or privacy we are with you.  We are transforming neighborhoods one yard at a time! We are bringing magic to a backyard near you!

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Custom Fences and Decks

We are masters at fences and decks in the area. We have been designing and building in western red cedar for many years. Whatever you choose to build with, it takes an expert to do it well. Did you know that if you don’t build in ventilation, the stain you apply will never stick? You may actually get mold growing on the surface of the decking. For this reason, decking needs a gap between the boards, and between the skirting boards. On some low platforms, we will leave a gap between skirting and the ground or built-in vents to keep things dry. We have even seen frames rot out prematurely on decks built too tightly. Sometimes you are better off with an interlock patio, rather than a deck that is partially buried. Moisture gets trapped beneath the deck–and just cannot escape. Read our building articles here…

We have been building fences and gates for many years. Trust our experts to build gates that hang true for decades.

Pressure Treated Wood – Lowered Expectations

Pressure treated wood is used to frame most of our decks. It takes a master just to build a level frame in PT. Our builders have been trained to work with wood.  Please keep in mind that pressure treated available in our area is of poor quality. Most are thinnings from second-growth pine forests and are too small to get a decent cut from. Every board will crack and twist and knots will fall out in places. Red Cedar is a better value when compared to Pressure Treated Decking.

Always check with the building department before building.


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