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Decks have become a big business in Oshawa. Many different builders are hoping to show off their work and become famous. We are happy to design decks for people that appreciate a deck designed to fit your home, lifestyle and your budget.

A deck design consultation will often start with the question of budget. We don’t mean to be bold, but it is better for us to know your expectations and guide you through planning to fit your number. We can design something absolutely stunning, with every conceivable option like outdoor kitchens, automatic canopies and PVC decking with automotive plastic on the outside. Decks that will likely look much like it was installed 20 years from now, but what is the point of designing something like that, when your available budget is not realistic for that kind of deck? We think that designing a deck to fit ‘You” makes far more sense.

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deluxe large furniture grade decks with curves and glass guard railings.
curved glass railings with masonry supports
curved glass railings
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large decks with masonry columns