Hot tub deck with pergola

Orillia Builders of Decks

There are Orillia Deck Builders, and then there are “Deck Builders! “


Deck Builders in Orillia - specialists in fully optioned decks
Frameless Glass Rails Deck in Orillia

There are lots of Orillia handymen, framers and home-builders that build decks once in a while but few Orillia Deck Builders that do it for a living and take pride in their work. At the top tier are builders that test the materials they use, learn new techniques and even develop their own as they build throughout their careers. When you want a deck designed and built to last, you seek out one of the better deck builders in the area– We are that company. We have been building decks in the Muskoka and Orillia area for 25 years now.

We will design your deck to last and look good for many years, even decades if your budget allows a low maintenance build.

If you have difficulty envisioning ask about our photorealistic deck rendering service.

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We guarantee quality with a 10-year warranty– We won’t start your deck next week (get in touch a few months before you want to build)–We will not be the low bid, but when you want something truly special in your yard, we are your deck designers and builders!  If you know of a great carpenter, send him Here– We are always looking for great deck builders!

Decks can have numerous features these days!
A Louvered Water Diverting Arcadia Roof graces this deck and offers some shade on this south and west exposed pvc deck. Privacy screens help the feel and low voltage lighting brings it to life.


A deck Renovation in Orillia
This is the result of a deck renovation near Orillia– the tired pressure treated deck was turned into this frameless rail red cedar deck. Privacy screens were added and staircase reworked to give more usable space.


A truly modern deck with glass privacy, aluminum rails, lighting and hot tub
Glass, PVC, Arcadia Roof, Lighting and designed for a hot tub. This deck has it all!
modernist decks near Orillia
Stunning modernist deck near the lake


beautiful decks in Orillia ON
Multi-level deck in Orillia


red cedar decks with pergola
Simple old school Orillia Deck with pergola and red cedar materials.


Stained red cedar decks in Orillia
Prefinished red cedar materials, this Orillia deck has glass rails, sunken hot tub and pergola.


Alt view red cedar decks
Alternate view of stained red cedar decks


Semi private fences
Semi private Red Cedar fences in Orillia


curved glass guard rail Orillia
Closeup view of a curved glass guardrail on a deck north of Orillia

Sure we build in Orillia ON, but we are also building the most beautiful decks in Toronto!