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Connect with Deck Builders Oakville ON for a uniquely different experience. Buildings decks and pergolas for 3 decades gives us some unique ideas about decks. Please drop into the gallery of decks above to see some of our fabulous work. When how your space looks and functions are more important than a low budget, contact

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Just what is a deck designer?  These are specialist designers that mainly design outdoor living areas. Like a specialized landscape architect, and yes, there are a few professionals around!

Decks are architecture, however, it is a part of the architecture that architects don’t participate in. Landscape Designers and Landscape Architects will often design a deck, but normally it is just a concept or dated details from books that were written by people in the Southern States. Modern decks and details are a specialty without a school to learn from. IN our humble opinion, nobody should be designing decks that haven’t a clue what crown is and why it is important. We are carpenters first! We grew up in Oakville, and we have seen thousands of decks that we would deem failed projects. When a deck does not last 20 years it is a failure.

We are specialist designers of decks. We design them to last and they look spectacular. Most of our decks are designed to last 30-70 years. Yes, they come with a larger budget than a 10-year deck–but that is just common sense. We normally are not the choice of first-time homeowners, though we should be. House flippers also rarely work with us. When you are building a forever home–we are your design builders. Please get in touch!

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Composite and PVC Decks in Oakville

We are experts in composite and PVC decks in the Oakville area. Did you know that composite decks expand and contract due to temperature and wood expands due to moisture? This makes it tricky to get right. You just can’t wack 20′ PVC boards down on a deck without borders and breakers and not expect it to buckle and pop screws. It takes an expert to design decks in these modern maintenance free materials.

Maintenance free decks can last many decades, but only if the frame is built to last that long as well. Many deck builders are putting 40-year materials on platforms and stairs that may last 20 if you are lucky.

Did you know that many companies now offer a materials warranty that pays labor to replace decking in the event of a claim?  Some will drop the boards in your driveway and drive away.

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