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We have been Newmarket deck builders for about 30 years. Our experience designing long-lasting and architecturally inspired decks make us a popular choice for landscape designers. Our outdoor features make us your go-to place for inspired decks.

We design for our clients directly in most cases, though, if your architect has already created concepts or working drawings, by all means, send them through. We will look at them and offer a budget range and maybe a few options you hadn’t considered.

When you ask us to design your decks, you will be meeting with a designer.

Our carpenters do that very well, but our designers will design far better than any carpenter could. Many of our designers have spent time building, and others are trained landscape designers.

When you want magazine quality designs, gardenstructure is your source for plans.

deck builders- large curved deck with glass guard rails

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 code compliant decks
Code legal guardrails down a staircase
composite, cedar or PVC decks
Decks with frameless glass guard rails

A Newmarket Deck Company offering a 10-Year Warranty!

Our Newmarket deck company does offer a 10-year workmanship warranty on composite and PVC decks. Since we have been doing it for 30 years with very few warranty claims, we thought, why not, let’s go all the way! The other side of the equation is that if anything we do doesn’t work long term, we want to know about it.

Claiming to be the best isn’t enough. A great deck company has to back that claim up!

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Curved Glass rails on decks
Decks with curved guard rails


Deck Builders
A very large deck with curved section

Newmarket Wood Deck Specialists

Our Newmarket wood deck specialists know the secrets to making wood decks last longer and look better. Put simply, the heavier the build, the longer it lasts. Many low maintenance decks are built upon fairly standard frames. They are putting materials that claim to last 30-40 years atop a platform and stair structure that might last 15. Building code standards are a minimum standard, which means 5-10 years of durability. Just long enough for the building department to be off the hook in the result of a collapse.

We can show you wood decks that are well beyond the 20-year mark that are still functional. Yes, a better deck comes at a bit of a premium, however, when you double the useful life it is worthwhile. Ask us how and let’s build you a premium wood deck.

A deck staircase in red cedar
Deck staircase in red cedar

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