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When you want the best Mississauga decks, our builders are here to help.  All our deck builders take pride in their work and offer a 5-year Workmanship Warranty.  We offer a  10-year warranty on composite decks. We build Composite, PVC, Wood, and even Aluminum Decks! If you don’t know much about these new materials, get in touch and we will walk you through all the different choices and explain the differences.

Our designers can help you create something beautiful in your yard. We will even design it to make your home more attractive–even out back! When it comes to features, we can include pergolas and shade structures, glass or aluminum railings, lights and privacy screens–anything you can imagine really!

circular decks designsComposite Decks in Mississauga- What’s new?

Composite decks in Mississauga have changed a little of late. Nowadays, Composite Decking and PVC Decking look more like wood than wood in many cases. These new composite decking products can look more like wood than real wood. We wrote an article about composite decking here and you can see a few of the new products in photos there.


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 Decks Mississauga- Different

Decks Mississauga- The differences are obvious. We are known for building inspired decks and garden structures, we want to be known for creating the most intriguing pergolas in Peel Region. We have been building in the area for nearly 30 years now, and have plenty of examples for you to see and lots of happy customers for you to speak to.

Ask our deck designers why ours last longer and look better. We will share some of our design secrets!


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Cedar decks
Wood decks
Small decks with style!
deck company- small decks with style!


A Savvy Designer’s Deck Company

Designers that want the best for their clients often work with us in Mississauga. They know that when you refer a deck company to customers they reflect on you. We make sure that our designers know more than their competitors. Our designers teach our clients the ins and outs of wood decking, composite and PVC. We also help them understand the different types of framing systems, and what the costs involved are. Having all this information is helps landscape designers come across as knowledgeable. When you are designing a landscape on a budget, it sure helps to know what things cost before you meet with clients.

What do Modern Composite Decks Look Like?

Builders of decks with curves- Low Maintenance
Deck Builders- waterproofed curved decks with glass railings


Modern Composite Decks are all about keeping maintenance to a minimum. These new PVC Composite products can be underwater for 3 years, and come out much the way it was when it went in. Once you see the look you will understand what everyone is raving about. Sure, composite decking had some issues earlier on but those were solved a long time ago. We started seeing people with composite decking still bragging about how good their decks look 10 years in, and decided it was time to learn more.

We’ve been using composite decking for a few years now, and they are very different to build with. In fact, each type of composite is a little different to use. They all have their own quirks that mean adjusting your methods and deck designs for the best results.

Curved Decks
Curved PVC, Waterproof and Roofed (dry below) deck


Builders, building a curved deck
Team Ben and Brian hard at work building a curved deck!

GardenStructure “The Curved Deck Experts in Mississauga”

Curved decks are a difficult thing to get right. You see these guys on TV making thousands of cuts to bend a big board around the deck to make it a nice fair curve.

What you have to keep in mind is that within a few years, those Kerf Cut Rims will rot and fall off.

Look closely at the photo. Here are Ben and Brian installing a solid laminated red cedar rim joist on this curved deck. It is actually a circular deck.

Sure, style is cool, but what we think is cool are curved decks that last decades!

curved decks with style

Curved Deck Designs - builders of circular decks

Deck Designers in Mississauga

Deck designs with louvered patio covers

A deck design with double louvered canopies

A-List deck designers need to be able to take advantage of all the latest products and couple that with the architecture of your home. They also have to be able to show you what your dream decks in Mississauga will look like after they are done. (Click for more views of this design) .

3D deck designs are just part of our toolkit! 30 years of experience designing decks also help!



decks with custom privacy screens
cool custom privacy screens