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We are Midland deck builders that specialize in modern decks. There is a local quality design-build deck company. A deck company that focuses on getting the design right before ever picking up tools. Our 3D deck designs are something to behold. Many of our clients ask for a framed copy!  Let us design a masterpiece deck for your yard!

Decks are getting more and more complex these days. Everyone is striving to create longer lasting and better-looking projects. We aim to make our decks last 20-50 years. We don’t want repeat customers unless they move!

There are many ways to improve durability, from waterproof platforms, composite decking, deck flashings and even metal or aluminum frames. We are experts in all of it!

Red cedar decks can look beautiful
A cedar deck refaced with glass guard rails.

PVC Deck Builders in Midland

Our PVC deck builders in Midland specialize in unique composite decks with numerous modern options. Whether the deck you want is wood, composite or PVC materials, we have the knowledge to build the best deck you have seen. We also have lighting options and hundreds of rails and privacy screens to choose from. We often integrate shade structures and roofed areas into our deck design. Sure, in the beginning, we were just building decks in and around Toronto, however, with builders and designers based in the Barrie Area.

PVC and Composite decks are all the rage in the deck business. Never before have we had so many long-lasting decking products to choose from that look like perfectly maintained wood!

Midland Decks – Local Talent!

When it comes to Midland Decks, is based 15 minutes down the road in Elmvale ON. How is that for local talent?  Your Building Department is notoriously difficult to deal with and many opt to have the experts deal with them for you.  These days they want engineering stamps and BCIN drawings. BCIN is about dumbing down the details so that everything can be rubber-stamped by clerks without any thought in the process. Avoiding legal responsibility is the other half of the equation. Every time someone gets injured, the building code and local guidelines change. We can provide concept plans, engineered working drawings or complete plans if you like.

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PVC low maintenance decks

Modern Decks – Must-Have Features

All modern decks need low maintenance decking. Composite is ok, but we like PVC better. Cortex plugs hide all the fasteners and it is very durable with finishes that look just like wood. Secondly, privacy screens made of aluminum, glass or even PVC. There is no sense being on display to the neighbors in your space! If you want to chat, you will walk to the fence!  Lighting is a necessity these days. Low voltage lighting is now very efficient and long-lasting. bulbs are easy to change and affordable.

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