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Unique and Inspired Landscape Design in Toronto by Paul Corsetti

A garden and landscape design in Mississauga

When it comes to Landscape Design in Toronto, there are so many different tastes and preferences that no 2 designs should look the same. What more can you say about inspired landscaping? It is designed to be soaked up by your eyes, and nose, and sometimes with your ears. The sound of water features drowning out and aroma of blooms hanging in the air makes a magical experience in any garden. Everyone wants low maintenance, and designers like Paul can make it happen and normally suggest many things you would never consider on your own.

Royal Winter Fair Gardens

Entrance Landscaping

An extraordinary entrance will likely yield the greatest return on resale. Curb appeal is everything in real estate. It is why one home sells above ask, and another languishes for many months.

Front entrance landscape design in Vaughan

Stonework is becoming a lost art in Toronto. The crews that do it well are becoming booked 6-12 months in advance, which means we really could use a few more in the area. Stone needs a solid foundation, and long-lasting stone patios need a concrete base. Curved walls of stone are the most challenging aspect of landscaping. Paul Corsetti is one of the foremost experts on the subject.

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Water and Light in the Landscape:

Water and light are the elements of design that are underutilized in most budget landscapes. Good fixtures are an investment, as are good pools. Fiberglass pools will not last as long as a concrete pool, concrete also lasts longer than a steel liner. Stone coping is always a nice touch, and working lighting into that is also a brilliant looking feature. Paul often works lighting into the design of pergolas and pavilions.

Landscape Designs by Corsetti

Another inspired entrance landscape in Mississauga ON. A beautiful house is somewhat pale without the greenery in the front of the home.

Stone and Steel are always a step up. Paul can design any feature you imagine, and make it a stunning pairing to the home.

Colour landscape plan
2d landscape design plan in colour

Paul does 2d colour renderings that leap off the page visually. Speak to him about creating a frame-worthy landscape design for your home!

An alternate angle of a pair of homes to get Corsetti Designs.

A beautiful entrance can be simple if the right elements are brought into it. Stone tied in with the home, even though just small features make the landscape part of the home.

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