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We are making decks happen all over Toronto, Not just in York Mills, Parkdale and Scarborough~ but here are a few of our local decks and fences.

When it comes to decks experience matters. It takes a few years to get good at any trade–decks and fences are trades unto themselves. It is not exactly trim work, and it is certainly not framing, and when you throw into the mix composites and PVC decking, shrinkage and expansion as well as shedding water for durability, effects of frost and many other factors, there are plenty of reasons to work with a professional.  Basically, if you visit a deck built by a builder with 2 years experience, and compare it with a builder that has 10 years in the business, you are going to see some big differences. When the deck is 5 years old, the differences will be glaring. Decks and fences are seen as a commodity by many–but they certainly are not. Every builder is offering something different based on their expertise and level of experience.

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Look closely at fences in your Parkdale neighbourhood. Is there a space beneath the bottom rail?  Can you see the fasteners because there are rust marks? These are the trademarks of a professional fence builder. They pay attention to frost and they use the right fasteners for the job.

Here is a tasteful little deck design in York Mills with a cool custom privacy screen. We often use Marine Plywood, and marine adhesives to layer solid wood to create curves.

You too can be this comfortable on a GardenStructure.com deck!

This oversized fence in Scarborough features trelliswork to soften the appearance of the barrier, and allow the client to train vines over. It was designed to be cut down if there was ever zoning scrutiny.

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