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Rosedale deck builders with a refreshing sense of style. Who wouldn’t enjoy spending time on this Rosedale deck? Our deck builders will do justice to your prestigious residence.  Rosedale is a historical area and most of the homes were constructed by builders in the early 1900’s, so adding modern decks in tasteful ways requires a designer that knows what they are doing. has exterior designers that have been trained to make that happen in an efficient way. They design to fit within your assigned budget and make every deck look like it grew there. Many of our Rosedale and Forest Hill decks have been featured in many Garden and Decor Magazines in North America. Arrange a consultation with a member of our professional team of Deck Designers today!

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A poolside pergola draped in vines for a Toronto Residence. This Crescent Rd. yard was designed in collaboration with a well-known designer. We work with many landscape and garden designers. They know that all we need is a sketch and a layout, and we can flesh out details, profiles and keep it all in proportion to the home for them.

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Small Decks in Rosedale
A small footprint deck in Rosedale Toronto with Pergola and built-in Nook. We designed the gardens and patios as well and even built-in recycling storage under the bench. This very small yard needed efficient and inspired space and we delivered just that!
curved pergola Rosedale
A semicircular pergola created for an existing curved patio. Offset from the curved patio it offers vertical interest to the yard and accents the fountain/planter in the centre of the patio. We use solid wood for our laminations for long-term durability. Plywood tends to break down in a short few years.


Trelliswork in the landscape Rosedale
A storage building clad with trelliswork and matching fences/privacy screens. Located on Crescent Rd, we clad this existing storage shed and took trelliswork throughout the yard to help unify the design.

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15 year old gates in Rosedale Ontario
The right way to build gates–15 years old when photographed–and still functioning well!  This is the entrance to the second photo from the top. We made the trelliage denser but used the same profiles and post detailing, and hid recycling within trelliswork and gates inside. Planting pockets allow vines to grow over the structure.


Fences cedar
Wood fences can be simple and dated designs, in which case you want to stain them a medium brown and let them fade into the landscape. When wood fences are attractive, give them a slightly brighter finish and let them stand out.

This fence near St. Claire an Avenue Rd is one you want to accent. The vines growing from within the trelliswork bring the yard to life, don’t you think?

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