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North York Deck Builders company – Designers of Inspired Decks in North York!

North York deck builders with style, taste and know how! Have a look at a few of our North York decks and porches. These days we can create porches that look like decks, and roof the area below.  We can use concrete, masonry or stone to support them, anything you can imagine, our designs are limited only by your patience, (more difficult, takes more time), and the budget you give us to work with.

We are builders that love a challenge, take pride in our work, and most importantly, we love to show off what we know. We want to be your favorite deck builder in North York!

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North York Deck Builders
Designers and builders of high-end decks in North York, let’s call this one a modern porch, the roof is within the decks!


North York Decks Company
Very large roofed deck in North York Ontario


Grand Staircase Deck
A Grand Staircase on a backyard deck.


A North York Deck with pergola and hot tub
Deck with pergola and hot tub in North York


Deck Building Company North York
Decks with Pergolas and Glass Railings


Deck in North York Ontario with patio and pergola
North York Decks with patio and pergola


Decks with Tempered Glass in North York, Ontario
Architectural decks in North York Ontario


Custom fences North York
custom wood fences North York Ontario


This red cedar fence has handmade trelliswork built right in. We call it a semi-private fence.

Curves are just part of a days work for us. Solid red cedar and marine adhesive, and some sanding, it sets our work apart!

Trelliage, trelliswork, lattice, whatever you call it, its purpose is for training vines and distracting the view, to make you feel more comfortable in your own space.

An Asian inspired fence with handmade lattice features laminated arched headpieces.

Here is a custom lattice two-tone red cedar fence that nearly looks as if it grew there!

We are renown for our garden structures, and this red cedar pergola in white solid stain is one of our classics. We even released a DIY plan for this one!