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large decks with curves near Toronto
Very large decks in Toronto designed by Lawrence Winterburn

Special clients make decks like this happen, whether in Moore Park, Lawrence Park or High Park, anywhere in the city. Without customers that believe in us and give us the opportunity to create beautiful decks in the first place, none of this could happen. Above, a deck with custom pergola over a flush mount hot tub, glass rails and privacy screens, oversized stairs, multi-level and prefinished. This is a portion of the project and covers about 2300 sq’ of waterfront property.

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What makes a deck feel as grand as the home it is attached to? Little things like oversized newels, overscale railings, and wide staircases. This home has sold a couple of times in the past decade, and in speaking to the new homeowners they all bought because of the gorgeous deck!

This one is waterproofed, that is, it has a roof within the deck that protects the framing from decay while creating a dry area beneath each deck platform. This Lawrence Park deck is a magical place.

Another view of this seriously superior deck.

Sure, it would have been a smaller budget and more practical to have 1 post at each corner of this on Moore Park deck pergola, however, the look makes it all worthwhile. Little things like continuing the same glass railing within and the laminated braces are things you might not notice at first, as you get closer it makes the deck more statuesque. It is not enough to make it beautiful, we have to build it to last decades.


Driving through High Park you see many fences, but there may be a handful that looks as inspired and attractive as this one.

a deck with pergola and deckorator rails
Simple decks in Etobicoke near High Park in Toronto

Even smaller budget decks can be charming and well designed– this 350 square foot platform in High Park is made by the surroundings. The pond and plantings help augment the simplicity of the deck.

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