A small designers deck in Toronto with custom privacy screen

Builders of Privacy Screens in Toronto

Privacy Screens in Toronto and the GTA

These privacy screens were all built in Toronto and the GTA. These are our deck builder’s chance to show off those skills. There are many cool elements you can draw into them these days, metal, stone, mirror, composite, PVC or good old-fashioned wood. It’s all how you put everything together, scale, proportion, good detailing and good old fashioned creativity. Designing a privacy screen to last is another issue entirely. What materials will last and be durable? Why would you design something so beautiful, such a masterful collaboration, when it will only last 5 or 10 years. We decided many years ago that we wanted to kick it up a notch. We make them last using techniques from boat building, window construction and historical methods. Whether simple or ornate, we make privacy screens to last.

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stunning privacy screens
A dusk shot of this galvanized steel, Cedar and Marine Ply privacy screen with low voltage lighting in Toronto Ontario
Trelliswork Privacy screen for a pool Toronto
Simple elegance, wood, metal and marine ply mix to craft a magical backdrop to a pool.

Sometimes it takes a collaboration to create something so beautiful. From GardenStructure designs the ironworker crafted something similar, however, you cannot dictate to an artist. We all do our thing together and make beautiful music together!

Structural trelliswork privacy panel
Structural Trelliswork on a second level deck passes engineer’s muster.

Simplicity works best sometimes. This red cedar screen allows a teaser view, yet distracts it so that you don’t feel on display. It also breaks up the wind without making the area stagnant.

Pergolas for privacy
Privacy pergola for your hot tub area

Sometimes you just want to have fun with a design. We built in gates and a hatch to this cool curved double-density screens to access the hot tub, then layered plenty of trim and detail to add interest. It really is a big wooden sculpture. See more Pergolas.

Exotic Hardwood Decks in Toronto
Exotic Hardwood Decks on a home in Toronto

Some people are attracted to minimalist designs. Here a horizontal board screen is made of Ipe. It looks stunning.

8' privacy panel to hide a not so pretty backdrop
8′ privacy screen for hiding a hideous house!

A solid 8′ privacy screen might be illegal in your area–better to check ahead of building.

8' fence beautiful!
Want to hide your neighbour and his home built backyard projects? 8′ Trelliage fence–

This 8′ screen was entirely illegal in this Toronto neighbourhood–but since the other neighbour had numerous building code violations in his yard there was no chance he would complain!

Simple trelliswork in the yard
Simple Trelliswork for the yard

Privacy screens are one of the most valuable features you can build into your deck or yard. Feeling comfortable in your own yard is an important factor of desirability.

Semi Private screens in Toronto
Semi-Private Screens

This semi-private screen faces west in Rosedale and calms the traffic on the busy street.

beautiful pressure treated privacy screen
Another deck reno, converting a 42″ guard rail to a privacy screen in Beaches

When you want privacy while showing off your sense of style– this kind of privacy panel is in order. A few found candleholder, umbrella and plants and it is a magical space!

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