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Deck Builders East York  – The Best Beaches Decks!

Beach Deck Builders, or Beaches, East York, whatever you prefer to call the area, yes there are talented builders of decks ready and willing to help you create a gorgeous space in your back yard–or front yard–or side yard, wherever you need it, that is our designer’s forte. We simply have the finest collection of deck designers in the area to magically make your outdoor structures a thing of beauty.

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A deck refurbishment
This was actually a refurb of a 10-year-old deck in the North Beaches area.

Refurbing an existing deck is tricky–first, you need to know what is worthy of being saved, secondly how to make it better and protect the structure as you do it.

Florida style porch on a stucco home
Palm Beach style porch in the Beach!

There is nothing quite as inviting as a traditional porch, with a cool Florida style rail system and custom lights.

glass rails retrofitted into an old deck
Another view of the refurb deck in East York Toronto

Charm and grace describe this deck rebuild in East York Ontario!

Cedar deck with frameless rails
Frameless glass rails in Beaches

When you are shrewd and practical and want to save some trees, you rebuild what you have, but I have to be honest– you don’t save much money. Only 1 in 10 decks we see are worthy of refurbing, and all you really save is the framing…which adds up to a couple thousand dollars in savings. Things always need to be upgraded and changed to make the new features work.

low maintenance decks in the Beach
Yes, we do composite and PVC decks as well!

These new composite and PVC decking products are phenomenal. They have long warranties, 25 years in many cases, and they are often made of automotive plastics that do not fade as quickly. Tough durable surfaces and often recycled materials in the core.  See some of our York Mills, Parkdale and Scarborough deck builders work!

Stained red cedar with glass and privacy
A red cedar deck with glass rails and privacy

Mind the sawdust! Just finished~ A cedar deck with glass guardrails, new steps and a privacy screen in Beaches Toronto

We have the happiest deck builders in Beaches and East York!

an old school deck builder in Toronto Beach
Our recently retired builder in the Beach! Vlad–actually, he is not old enough to retire, he is living large in the Middle East!
two toned cedar fences
A two toned fence in the Beaches Toronto

A beautiful custom fence near the water in the Beaches.

two toned cedar fences
Another view of a two toned cedar fence

Nothing makes a fence more unique that one of a kind detailing and two toned finish!

beach pergola with turned columns
Just for fun… here is one from Palm Beach Florida– not sure how this got in here, forgive the mix-up, our builder in Florida won’t mind!

Ok… the pergola we can do in East York, but the palm trees may not hold up so well!

A curved top fence builder
Curved top fences in Beach

We are curved exterior wood specialists! We work them into fences, decks and often pergolas.


fence with trllis wood
cedar fence with trelliswork

Here is an oversized 8′ tall cedar fence. Easier to build a large fence when your neighbor is abrasive than it is to move.  See more decks in Bayview Village and Bridle Path.

East york cedar decks builders
A modernist balcony in East York

Nothing looks quite as clean and sleek as a red cedar deck with horizontal railings–practical design element as well! Get in touch soon and let us get started on your patch of paradise!

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