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We are deck builders in Toronto with 30 years of experience. We specialize in large decks in Composite, PVC, and Wood. Choosing the right deck builders involves questions and answers. You might speak to many different companies before deciding which one you trust to create a gorgeous deck for your home. Clients often ask which decking lasts the longest or how big can I build? Do I need Permits? What color should the deck be? How close can we build to the property line? We have answers, but we need to know a little about your project first. Before we can build you the best decks in Toronto, we need to know what that is to you!

The process starts with a design consultation as we ask you about your budget, timeline, tastes and what the deck should look like. Our knowledgeable deck designer will help you decide what your wish list for features and finishes should be to meet the budget that you choose.

Beyond Decking Contractor Reviews

Decking contractor reviews don’t tell the whole story. Builders often have plenty of friends and family willing to post reviews on their behalf. Let’s face it, reviews can be purchased these days. China is starting cell phone farms to do just that! You pay the money, instant reviews. When you see a deck construction company with a very basic portfolio that has 50 or 100 reviews you really have to wonder if it is kosher! The same goes for complaints about deck contractors– those can be faked as well. These days, complaints will often bury a local deck construction company.

There are a few good deck contractors in the Toronto area–and dozens of really bad deck construction companies! When it comes down to it, you have to trust your gut. Look closely at the portfolio for flaws and style. Choose the one who’s deck designs appeal to you. Check a few references on your own and actually see some of their decking construction projects up close before you buy.

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Deck Builders Toronto – A Waterfront deck with a hot tub

Deck Builders Toronto hot tub decks
Hot Tub Decks with Pergolas – Large Decks coming in at 2000 square feet.

We are the #1 patio decks contractor in Toronto. This deck features glass rails that shed water away from the inner parts to make the rails last longer. Custom pergola with coffered rafters and very extended rafter tails. A semi-transparent privacy screen was incorporated– To see more options for Privacy Screens click here.

All the materials were prefinished for extra durability. This build was a few years ago when stain quality was much better than today. In recent years the EPA banned some important chemicals that helped exterior stain and paint perform better. Most stains will only last a year or so now. For this reason, we are using more low maintenance decking products and less wood. The privacy screen is a version of our design T003 Trellis Plans with tighter spacing.

Toronto Deck Contractor – A Cedar and Mahogany Deck

The photos below by this Toronto Deck Contractor were all built locally, and we will describe the projects a little below each. When you are ready– Get in touch with us for gorgeous patio decks! Red Cedar has always been a top choice for deck builders since it lasts 20 years and can be left without a finish. Leave spaces for more durability, and add aluminum railings for a long lasting safe railing. Even wood can be low maintenance. Pre-finish the materials and use Aluminum railings.

 A project in Lawrence Park

Deck Builders Toronto - Mahogany and Cedar Decks
Mahogany and Cedar deck

 Mahogany is back!!  This part cedar and part mahogany deck in  Moore Park / Lawrence Park neighborhood is a stunner. Classically styled guard rails and skirted, it was prefinished to create a durable decking.

decks with mahogany decking Lawrence Park
Mahogany decking

Fanatical attention to detail from Matt Holinaty– A deck contractor for nearly a decade. Matt made Mahogany plugs from offcuts and glued them in place with epoxy.

Deck Builders in High Park

Cedar Decks Builders
A West End cedar deck in the High Park area. Leave small spaces (3/16″) between boards to let the structure breath. It will help your decks last longer!

The deck builders added features like a cool custom pergola, access to storage below, multiple level decks and wrap around stairs. A privacy screen gives some privacy from neighbors, and keeps the heat in the barbecue!

Decks Builders and Designers
A cedar deck with aluminum balusters in west end Etobicoke. This builder did a fine job building this deck, we did, however, make them trim the skirting boards away from the ground a couple of inches. This prevents frost from heaving the deck. High Park neighborhood of Etobicoke.


 An Estate Deck in the North Toronto

Waterproof decks
Waterproof deck platforms on a luxury deck North York


Here are large estate decks with an internal roofing system. You can add wood under the joists, (ceiling), lights and electrical, and the water drains into eavestroughs at the right-hand side. This is a labor intensive thing to do, however, it protects the frame from rot simultaneously. It means the deck could be refinished 3 or 4 times over a century.
Luxury decks in North York
Luxury Decks in North York


Having a dry area below the deck means you can have more elaborate furnishings, ceiling fans, and appliances outdoors. This homeowner parks his motorcycle there. They are saying that decks rank right up with kitchens for return on investment. Have you ever seen a kitchen that still looked good after a decade?
Low Maintenance Decks in North York
Low maintenance decks in North York

Custom rails and substantial dressed up newel posts increase the budget, but there is no substitute for detail when you want a deluxe looking deck. This estate deck is stunning from every angle.

Grand Staircases Make Special Decks

When you want a deck to feel grand and luxurious, add grand staircases. You will need rails on both sides to meet code, however, a 5′ wide staircase like this makes a deck feel special!

deck builders - a grand staircase 5' wide
Deck Builders – Grand Staircase

This curved deck in Brampton takes it a step further by creating a dry area below and adding a roofed area above using an Arcadia Roof — This deck is entirely PVC, the most durable material we can choose. This deck also features custom frosted glass privacy screens and frameless glass rails on the curve. Have our deck builders design beautiful decks for your home. See some of our designs here.

modern curved decks with glass railings and Arcadia Louvered roofs
A Modern Deck with Glass railing and automatic patio cover

How Much do Decks Cost in Toronto?

You can find handymen to build decks in Toronto for less, but for our purposes let’s concentrate on decks of a reasonable quality. Let’s say, decks that will last 10-30 years.

For estimating purposes we will assume that the average deck is 400 Sq’.


Decks built by handymen, rather than actual carpenters are going to have flaws that make them virtually worthless within a few years. Builders that take pride in their work and went through training to work with wood and low maintenance decking will build something very different. You can recognize the handymen by their prices. $20-30 per square foot. (8-12,000 +tax) No reputable builder can supply and install any decent deck in that range.

Pressure Treated Decks:

$30-60 ($12-24000) per square foot depending on height and detailing. Pressure treated decks crack and twist and the knots bleed sap. The new brown pressure treated coating strips off in high traffic areas and shows it’s age quickly.

Cedar Decks:

$40-70/sq’ ($16-28,000)  Cedar decks are superior to pressure treated since the lumber is cut from larger trees. Red cedar has tannins that make the wood last longer than locally grown “White Cedar” or “Fir  — Chinese Cedar or Douglas Fir”.  It ages to a light grey color and can be left unfinished.

Hardwood Decks:

$60-100/sq’  (24-40,000)  These timbers grow in rainforests and have developed ways of resisting insect damage and rot. Many species like Kayu and Ipe are expected to last 40 years. For this reason, they need a heavier frame that will also last 40 years.

Composite Decks:

$70-110/sq’ ($28-44,000)  Composite decks are typically made of HDPE plastic and wood or rice fiber. They will deflect slightly over time and may swell slightly at the end grain. These are products that very likely will last 30-50 years, so again, it requires a heavier frame with tighter spacing between joists.

PVC Decks

$80-200/sq’ ($32-80,000) PVC is the ultimate decking. Many use automotive plastics and have lifetime warranties. Cortex plugs hide all the screws and the material is virgin (pure PVC). There is nothing to rot or deteriorate. These materials are expected to last 40 years or more, so obviously, a heavier frame is required.

Options that will increase the budget beyond these numbers:

  • Automatic patio covers
  • Frameless glass rails
  • Aluminum or steel joists
  • Joist flashings
  • Curves
  • Pergolas
  • Retractable Canopy Pergolas
  • Permanently Roofed Areas
  • Waterproof Membranes (Dry Below)

Modern upscale decks can be a large investment–but when the builder is talented, the investment is safe!

Deck Company in Toronto – Curved Decks on the Water

Make us your deck company in Toronto – These curved decks on the Water project involved a 3 season room addition, 2500 square foot deck with curved stairs and section with curved glass handrails as well as patio, lighting, and materials that were pre-finished prior to building. We specialize in furniture grade outdoor woodwork. Get in touch to meet with one of our designers today!

curved decks in Scarborough
Furniture Grade curved decks with laminated parts Scarborough

Large steps open up the view of the water and cascade to the lawns. A large hot tub is covered by a very custom pergola and shielded from view of the neighbors by a privacy screen. It is all about the placement of things. From the angle–the privacy screen is fully private towards the neighbor but leaves the view visible.

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decks with pergolas
Hot tub pergolas and privacy Scarborough

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