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How do you build a fence in Niagara that will last much longer and look much better than all the rest? Develop better techniques, keep quality high, and most importantly, understand why good fences last and why some fences fail. There are some really simple principles at play regarding placing posts that will remain stable long term that the majority of builders never considered, and most books on fences are created for the southern climates–where they have no frost. We can send you to 25-year-old fences 15′ high that have remained stable the whole time. We have proven we know what we are doing when it comes to building inspired fences in Niagara ON.

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We actually design new fences rather than looking to magazines or the internet for new designs. This is a 3D rendering we produced.


Here is an 8′ fence with trelliswork to soften the look.

Another version of a 3D fence design… we like to give options.

A 6′ combination privacy lattice and solid fence.

If you love our fences, you will like our decks even better!  We often design fences into decks for privacy from the neighbors, this was a semi-private red cedar privacy screen.

We used bamboo as a privacy screen insert on this deck.