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We think finding great deck builders in Niagara Falls has been getting easier lately.  Matt has been our deck builder for about 8 years. We use unique details, efficient techniques and a work ethic paired with talent that makes our crews great. Our sites are clean, we use high-quality materials and we offer the most options available anywhere make our decks different. From the moment you meet with our designer, you will realize that we look at things differently. We are going to ask you many questions, and then we are going to shut up and listen to what you say. Your designer will do his/her best to help you make the best choices and will create decks that will fit your wish list and budget.

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Have a look at some of the decks we have designed and built in Niagara Falls:

deck builders Niagara Region

Matt has been known to do work as far as Burlington. Here is a covered deck in Niagara Falls

Deck builders - Decks with roofs

Our decks in Niagara Region are respected by deck builders and building inspectors alike!

Different Kind of Deck Company in Niagara Region

We are a deck company in Niagara specializing in furniture grade decks. Subtle details even on budget-conscious projects makes our work stand out. We have been at it for about 30 years now. Lawrence, our founder, and principal designer grew up in Grimsby, so we know the area well. Our builders are trained in-house and without exception, they were carpenters before we met them. Our building sites are kept clean as a symbol of respect for our clients. We obviously take pride in our work–but you can see that from our photos.

When you are looking for a deck company in Niagara, the value should be your primary concern. Think about it this way. Would you allow a backyard mechanic to work on your 1-year-old car? The lowest price for decks is always an indication of their skill or ability. An amateur will not build long-lasting decks.  You could end up with a deck that collapses or worse still, does damage to your home. What are the odds that your low budget builder will be in business 2 years from now?  How does less than 5% chance sound?  Let’s face it, a builder that doesn’t charge enough to stay in business, will not be in business very long.

A handyman may build a deck that looks serviceable, however, it may not look good 3-5 years from now. The footings may shift and the rails may wiggle. I have seen decks that had the posts attached with glue. I have seen decks with footings in backfill 2′ from the wall of the home. We have put decks that people paid upwards of $100,000 in a garbage bin to build it properly.

Don’t risk your investment. Hire experienced deck builders in Niagara.

decks with curves

These decks were designed by Kevin and Lawrence about 2005 in Beamsville, surrounded by orchards.

Deck Builders

Little details like this subtle curve between levels bring decks to life!

What Makes the Best Deck Company?

The best deck company is the company that builds the best decks. It’s not necessarily the biggest deck company, but if they have few if any warranty claims that may be a signal. The best deck company is the one that knows more about decks than their competitors. They may get referrals from clients for the next 25 years–and do multiple jobs for clients that move every few years. The best deck company is easily spotted by their unique and timeless designs. Please be sure to drop by our gallery above. You will notice that our projects are absolute show stoppers!

Deck Builders - custom decks

A deck based on T005 Pro details, see the gallery of plans and designs to purchase similar details.

cedar decks with pergolas

Matt designed some unique privacy trellises and Pergolas  with stone inserts… Brilliant.

knee braces rafters connections

Our attention to detail is second to none!

See some of our decks and pergolas in St. Catharines ON

Composite decks

Now that composite has come of age, we are all in and have learned how to work with it for the best results. Here is a composite deck that we later added an outdoor kitchen too.

composite decks with inlays

Stone tile makes a beautiful accent in this composite deck

Pergola Composite Deck
A composite deck with pergola

A composite deck entrance to a swim spa. More and more people are installing these spas these days!

bamboo privacy screens - Composite decks

Unique bamboo privacy screens