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Parry Sound Deck Builders — Builders of Quality Pergolas Decks and Fences

Parry Sound Deck Contractors – Builders of quality Decks!

We are the company you call when you want a showpiece deck designed for your home in Parry Sound Ontario.  Our process involves creating a concept or series of concepts for the shape and scope of the project. Decks, patios, pergolas and or additions to make your outdoor living area blend with the home and landscape. 

We build a few decks each year in the Parry Sound area, however, your typical rectangular pressure treated deck with a builder’s rail is just not what we do. Our deck building clients are looking for something special–not commodity decks. We specialize in curves, composite and PVC, and lower maintenance with more robust frames to keep upkeep to a minimum. We want your referrals for the next couple of decades–not just a year or two.

We are also Deck Resurfacing experts – Learn more

When you are ready to start planning a Stunning deck, pergola or any outdoor living space in Parry Sound, please get in touch!

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decks Parry Sound Ontario
This client got in touch with us as the framing of the house began– We planned the project in the next few months and 1 year later he was enjoying this massive platform.
deck with glass rails Parry Sound ON
There is nothing quite like a deck in the trees with a water view!
laminated glass guard rails designed to last
This deck rail features laminated cap rail that uses drip edges to shed water away from the support structure.
Curved hand rails in Parry Sound
Curved Glass Guard rails designed to last