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Deck Builders Caledon – with a gift for designing beautiful things.

We are deck builders in Caledon that create decks as if it were our own dream home we are building. A well-designed deck should look like it grew there. It should be a match for the architectural style of the home and gardens as well. We designed these features to flow across a single property in Caledon Ontario. These structures were built over a period of 5 years.  Nearly everything is made of western red cedar lumber and coated with high-quality solid colour stain. There are numerous complicated laminations within these pergola structures. We love a challenge, and this project certainly was.

When you are ready to plan your dream yard, get in touch. We are not bound to a single style of work, nor a single material. We are Exterior Designers that are well versed in Wood, Composite and PVC materials.

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Some deck and pergola projects from Caledon– Get in touch to begin planning your special project;

Do you need Permits for your Deck or Pergola?

Most decks larger than 100 sq’ in Caledon need permits. In fact, the building department wants a permit to change the shingles on your roof here in Ontario. They mean well, and let’s face it, safety is important. Fact is, only about 20% of decks built in Caledon get a permit. Our attitude towards it is that if the project is visible to neighbors and the road it might be best to get a permit. If you are off the beaten track and the neighbors can’t see the project, and we are building it, you are likely ok. I always suggest we get plans done, take photos, get helical engineering, and you can obtain permits whenever you like. Just keep it all in a folder in a safe place. When you are building well beyond code, you really don’t have to worry.

Deck companies in Caledon ON

The best deck companies in Caledon are known for being fabulous designers, they have a deep portfolio and build all over Ontario. The best deck company can offer a long warranty and is known for work that has been featured in books, magazines and on TV. has been designing and building for over 30 years locally. Drop by our portfolio to be inspired! When you are ready, please get in touch!

What do you want in a Caledon Deck Company?

Obviously, we can’t have a discussion about what you want from a Caledon deck company– we have to go by what others tell us.

A deck company needs to listen. They need to know their job well. They need to communicate with their clients. We are a different kind of deck company. Rather than claiming to be the best, we let our gallery speak for itself. We know our talent for design.

When you want to try out a different kind of deck company– Give us a call!

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