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A deck with pergola, hot tub and privacy screen in Stouffville – Whitchurch Ontario

The Stouffville / Whitchurch area started out as a couple of small towns, with small town builders and small town businesses. These days, it is part of the North GTA– and is looking more and like a big city than the rural area of it’s roots. There are plenty of small deck builders around putting up simple pressure treated wood decks. What if you want something better? What if you want something that is better designed, well crafted and may last 2-3 times as long and look better the whole time with nothing but a yearly cleaning for maintenance? is here to help.

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Deck builders in Stouffville Ontario

We have been designing outdoor woodwork like decks, pergolas and cabanas for 30 years now. We can give you options like laminated curves, glass, roofs and canopies and any type of material you like. Red Cedar, Hardwood, Aluminum, PVC or Composite. Helical footings are pretty much standard these days and we use them because they are even more durable and dependable than our old heavyweight concrete footings.  We design the project with you, to meet your vision and budget. Our designer will meet with you in your Stouffville – Whitchurch home or business to do some sketches, take measurements and photos, and talk about options in different ranges of investment. The designer is working for you– and fees are separate from the build. We do this for transparency. If the builder was covering design fees, they could be controlling the process. The project has to be right for you~!

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