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When a professional deck builder creates a deck from a designer’s concept drawing it is a testament to the designer’s vision. He pays attention to all the details that the designer may not know about. Crown, level, support suitability, robust footings, spacing the parts so that they dry between rains. These decks will remain level and the joints stay tight for decades. When the deck is designed in a robust way, it will outlast a barely code compliant deck by a decade or two.

Is a deck really just a deck?  Why is it that one deck looks better than another 3 years in. Usually, it is silly amateurish issues like some floating footings and some permanent footings causing the deck to shift. When an amateur carpenter builds a deck he doesn’t often pay attention to crown–which can make the deck surface uneven. Inexperienced builders can make a myriad of errors like supports too far apart under composite or PVC…which means that the decking will sag between supports. How do you know if your builder is experienced? Simple– go see a project that is 3 years old.

So, which deck is more valuable 5 years in? The one that looks like it is ready to collapse? Is it worth half of what the well designed and built deck is?

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Here are a few projects from the Bradford – Queensville Ontario area;

PVC Composite Decks in Newmarket designed and built within existing timber frame structure.
PVC Composite Decks in Newmarket


bradford decks company
Decks Company – Builders in Bradford


Deck Builder in Bradford.
Bradford Deck with pergola and stone patio


Deck with privacy in Queensville
Decks and pergolas with privacy screens


large second level decks
Large Curved Deck
Builders of decks
Deck Builders in Bradford – Queensville