Tivadek Decking – A New Decking Product

This article gives you a snapshot of what we know about Tivadek Decking. Some information was provided by insiders that wish to remain confidential and there is no guarantee the information is current. As of the time of publishing, this is our opinion, however this is just the opinion of the author. You should do your own research. 

Information about Tivadek

Country of Origin:  China

The Deck Store, Terry Fangrad, Stan Weiland and Chuck Zhou sent samples of “Wolf Home Products”, ASA Decking to China for reverse engineering. Over a period of a couple of years the product went through a few iterations prior to the product they sell now. The decking plant is run by relatives of Chuck Zhou and likely State Owned.

Early versions were brittle and weak. Using hidfast, where you have to tap the decking onto the fasteners many boards were breaking and cracking. The product core was then changed to make it more rigid. 

Properties of Tivadek– Good, Bad and Ugly

Its outer shell and color retention seems to be good. We will be visiting a few early installations (3 Years or so), to confirm color retention. 

Tivas outer shell has a very realistic grain and the pattern of ridges makes it nearly non-slip. The core still has hard spots, which makes it difficult to install but is batch dependent. This deckings core is not as rigid as Wolf Home Products or Azek. It does tend to move beneath your feet on 12″ Centers.  


Decking Expansion and Contraction

Tivadek does expand and contract in an extreme way due to temperature. If installing when cold consider limiting board length to 12′ in length and maintaining a 3/8″ gap at ends. This is not a product you can install like wood decking. You could end up with sheared fasteners, broken boards and gaps you can fit your fingers in. Tiva is not wood. 

NO CCMC or ICC Approval

At the time of publishing, Tivadek does not have CCMC Approval nor International Code Counsel approvals, which means if you are getting building permits, this is not a product you can use legally.

When you apply for a building permit they ask for CCMC Documentation/ Engineering. At present, this does not seem to exist. There is no mention or links to it from their website. 

Heat Warning?


Extreme increases in the surface temperature of TIVADEK PVC decking, exceeding that of normal exposure, can cause
damaging effects to the product. These effects include the potential for the product to sag, melt, warp, discolour, and increase
thermal expansion/contraction and weathering. External sources of heat that could generate extreme temperatures include,
but are not limited to, fire or reflection of sunlight through Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass. For those TIVADEK customers who
have concerns regarding Low-emissivity glass in their home, or that may effect their application, TIVADEK Building Products
strongly recommends contacting the manufacturer of the product containing Low-E glass. The manufacturer should be able
to aid in determining a solution for reducing or eliminating the effects of reflected sunlight.

This heat warning is on their site– and I am not sure what they mean, but it might be that reflected sunlight from low e windows that reflect light onto a sun exposed deck could melt the decking and cause it to sag?  

Tiva was tested in the Toronto Area, so this indicates that areas like Arizona and Las Vegas where the sun is more direct may not be a good place for this decking. 

Tivadek for Curved Decks, Nope.

Tivadek is not suitable for curved decks. We have heard that when you heat the product to bend it, the outer shell pops open. For this purpose it is an abject failure. The core of the product is different than normal decking available today. You can bend the fascia easily enough, but ability to  bend a full board on the flat  around a leading edge is limited. 

What Exactly is this Decking Made Of?

ASA Plastic is apparently what the outer shell of Tivadek is made of. The core– Nobody really knows. It is a med/dark grey in color and doesn’t bend well so that is a hint. 

What we can tell you is that Australia has been using Chinese building products for decades and they now test everything coming into the country for toxic consituents like Asbestos. They have found it in exterior sheathing and many other products. When they discover it, the materials are removed and the whole site requires remediation. 

Asbestos is perfect for using within decking since it is lightweight and very strong and cheap to aquire. Asbestos exposure causes severe health implications including cancer long term. There is no evidence to suggest that asbestos is what makes this product perform well. It could be some kind of new magic ingredient they use in it, but, If I were working with it I can assure you I would be exercising due caution. 

When you cut a product containing asbestos fine asbestos dust is sent into the air. It settles everywhere you are cutting and on your clothes. It goes home with you. If you breath it in, you are likely to be affected permanently. The effects may not show up for decades. 

When you are using a material that could contain something like Asbestos, you are best to use a respirator and goggles while working. Sealed coveralls would be a good idea. Clean your truck every couple of days at a car wash. Wash any of your possibly affected clothes at a laundramat… not at your house. Once the toxic substances get into your home you may not be able to get rid of it. 

Tivadek Decking Warranty

Tivadek’s  current residential warranty is either 25 or 50 years pro-rated, both numbers are listed on current documentation.

The current commercial warranty is apparently 15 years. Read the warranty carefully before buying.

Their warranty also does not cover labor to replace. Many better decking producers cover the labor to install if they make a defective product. We have been pushing the industry for decades to fully compensate consumers hurt by bad products. Wolf Home Products does offer a Labor Inclusive Warranty.

Keep in mind that this is a 3 year old company. As with any composite decking company, if things don’t work as expected, they are likely to just close up shop. See our Composite Decking Vs Wood Decks article for a list of now defunct composite decking companies. 

Is Tivadek a Canadian Manufacturer or Distributor of Chinese Product?

Tivadek is a brand based in Canada, yes.

Do they manufacture in Canada? No. 

The product is brought into Mississauga in containers from China. It is then rebundled and wrapped, then shipped into the US or other areas of Canada. 

Does Tiva own the patents for the production methods?  Being made in China by a 3rd party, it is doubtful. That company really is free to sell the same products anywhere in the world under another brand name.–and likely will. 

Do they own a patent of any kind relating to the look and finish of the decking– since they outsourced the reverse engineering of “Wolf Home ProductsDecking” to a Chinese Company,  that is in doubt also. 

Trump’s Tariffs

Since this is a Chinese Made Product without any Value Added in Canada, even if the North American Free Trade deal is ratified, this product will be prone to heavy tariffs as it crosses the border into the US. This will factor into the price and likely make it very expensive in the US. 

Summary:  A Chinese Knockoff of  a Great American Product

Wolf Home Products is a great decking product with the best warranty in the business. They have a long history of making great products and backing them when things go wrong.

ThisTivadek product is simply a reverse engineered version of that product. Since it is Chinese, based on their record of the past in general, expect it to have issues with quality and durability. It is better than some products, but certainly not as good as many. Tiva is a middle of the road quality product, with attractive grain and colors. Colors do fade– and it will just like all the rest. 

If you can buy it at a heavy discount, I would do it. At full price I would pass. 

GardenStructure and Tivadek

Through our past relationship with the Deckstore ( deckstore.ca) we designed and oversaw construction of  quite a few Tivadek decks for clients from 2017-2018. Overseeing sites and getting feedback gives us a unique insight into the product. We watched it grow and saw the issues. Due to what we have seen we will avoid using products by the Deck Store and Tivadek. 

If you can share any other information about this product or others please get in touch.